The June 12 Press Pass was a huge showdown between Jubilee and Nasa

By David Mwenda

Press Pass was a show stopper on Monday. If you think about it, it has been heating up over the election season this was no different. It did not disappoint at all. There were a lot of sparks on the programme and a lot of calling out by Mwende Mwinzi and Phillip Etale.

The two threw shade at each other and at one point it was seen as if Mark Maasai was hosting the two only in the show. However I do not cover petty squabbles on television I analyze the main issue and how the host handles it and Mark’s scorecard is out.

First things first. The show was meant to discuss whether financing has received attention which does not deserve answer is yes. They were to cover the fundraiser happened but not to the graphic details they went on to give the foundation. People can support the president both financially and also by showing up at their rallies but in the long run what is underlying is the fact that the media had the alternative to cover a policy was launched by Nasa.

The camp launched its food security plan but yet no one has bothered to cover it. However the media decided to focus on a group of people who decided to converge at Safari Park Hotel and contribute to the president. One thing is for sure this is an important piece of news and sure we need to know the people who believe in Uhuru this much but it did not need to get this much of hype by the media.

However crying about spilt milk will not help that much that is why I will go on to give the analysis. First things first they covered the event but they failed to name the people who are participating. Who are the businessmen who are involved in the dinner? What are their business interests and what are their political affiliations before and now?

These are the questions media members who attended the conference should have asked instead of trying to castigate or praise the people who attended the show. Another question that they should have asked is that they should have asked about is what is the outcome of this funding? What do they wish to gain in the event they continue to fund this process? The media should have tried to ask about these questions. I hope they will answer about these questions with the oncoming Nasa fundraiser which is coming on the 19th of June.

It is interesting for the media to make sure they have given the right information to the people and make sure that people are in the know they can support the people who they wish they can support the people who are running. They are also providing a chance for people to know the people who are bankrolling the people who are running for office. The media has sure made a first step but there is still a long time before they reach there.



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