Why 10 over 10 show organisers need to rethink their strategy in its second year

By David Mwenda

Yesterday was a big day for the 10 over 10 as they celebrated one year in the scene. The birthday was marked with a lot of fanfare and a lot of people coming out to show their support for the show. The show was in an outdoor setting with two stages and at least 18 artistes who came out to show their support for the show.

I tried to understand if their cause to celebrate anything. I say this because I have been a little bit critical of their conversations but very encouraging as they support the local industry immensely.

The show has a lot of celebrate as they have totally nailed their target audience. Since its inception, 10 over 10 the show seemed to target millenials and they seemed to have nailed this audience. The show has outdone itself in making sure this people are covered. For millenials they believe in fun and having a show that offers a lot of fanfare and has some representation by the people there.

Another audience that seems to have been put in the bag is the people are the people who believe in spreading local talent. The show which seems to be basing itself on the local shows and making sure people listens to local music. This includes the people at the grassroots (I don’t mean to be political here).

The show seems to be having a lot of support from the grassroots and seems to have knitted both the urban and the rural class. This is partly because Citizen has always prided itself in being able to net all people into the equation and making sure they feel like they have fitted into the equation without them being worried that they will be left out.

Though they have been able to make an edge of the people, serious questions have been raised about the show. The first question is the seriousness of the show in tackling of issues.

The show prides itself in incorporating all people in the show. The hosts have been criticised for being a little bit shallow in covering of topics and only seeming to cover the issues a little bit light weightily. They have failed to cover the aspect of making the show being a positive influence on people and have decided to focus on the common topics that are discussed on the shows that have been present.

The show has always been bent on bringing the stars and leaving out emerging artistes out of the spotlight. Change is always inevitable and no artiste will stay on top every time. This is why they need to rethink their second year on the airwaves. They need to make sure they have opened their eyes to making sure that even the new artistes do have a voice in their in their shows and making sure they have given them a big space to dominate also.


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