Telkom rebrands and makes the advert of a lifetime

By David Mwenda

Telkom has come a long way in making sure they have grown into a huge brand and in the long run they have shaped a name for themselves. They have made sure to do this by using more and more incentives to customers. They have also done all they can to get other people into the equation.

I you have noticed they have been doing this by the advert they have been running. The advert which keeps a lot of hype and gives a lot of people something to think about and they have tried to make sure they have grown into a reputable brand.

Use of hype to get more people

The advert does deliver on one thing hype. The music the people and the colors all scream one thing and that is hype and it leaves a lot to be desired. The advert which shows that they have the energy and the hype to keep people interested.

The hype makes you feel happy and they give u a sense of dancing or singing which keeps you wanting to go out there and look for something. They were very accurate in picking the song to the advert. This is because it will be easy to remember it and thus increases their face recognition. They have clearly been able to set the ball running and they have been able to make sure they have been able to make sure their rebranding is in bold colors out there.

Diversity is strength

Telkom has realized they need to promote diversity if they need to grow their brand into something reputable. From the advert you can tell they really want to make this a selling point for themselves. They have made sure they have incorporated each and every group into the equation.

The music is to keep the young in check. The music has a little bit of techno beats which are very synonymous with millenials. The advert also targets other groups such as the business groups and how they have been able to be incorporated into the mix. This is evident with the use of orange money with the kinyozi guy and the young man having his head shaved. The urban side is also accounted for with the man using a business office and the office elevators lighting up with the new Telkom logo.

On this point you can say that they have really nailed the diversity part and they have been able to make sure they have accounted for each and every single person in the equation which makes the entire thing even much better.

No need to use words to get your message out there

This is also something that I find very interesting with this advert. There was absolutely no use of using the same sick old narrative of telling the stories through words. They made sure they have done the right thing by spreading the message through something a little bit better and that is pictures. The pictures seem to tell the story of people who want to make sure they have grown together with this new and improved market force.


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