Why Safaricom’s Twaweza advert is the bomb

By David Mwenda

Telecommunication companies are in a rebranding wave. It started with Telkom which started with changing their name from Orange Telkom . They then went on to launch a new logo and making sure they have spread their name out there. The wave went to catch on Safaricom which have renewed to a new slogan Twaweza and one advert does the job very perfectly and wonderfully.

Using real life stories to tell the story

The advert tells the story of a girl who is troubled with the people together and make sure that her mother’s hospital bill has been paid and she has not found someone to help her. She takes her story to social media and shares her story with her friends and within no time her story moves to every person and she finds the much needed money from well wishers.

The story which is touching relates to every person who has one time or another needed to be helped by someone in one way or another. She is representative of someone who needs help and has gotten help from people whom she does not know and they have done the right thing in making sure they have done the right thing.   The advert resonated well because even if you have never had a situation as that complicated you have heard of such a story. Safaricom was able to ace this with such a common story but very touching.

The power of social and mainstream media

The power of social and mainstream media is also put to test here as many people have been able to make sure they have done the right thing. The media has the power to influence and this has been evident in shaping the society we live in today. Social media has also taken this a notch higher and it has also been there to make sure they have also started doing this.

The advert by Safaricom has done this even better. They have done this by making sure they have used both. This is because once the girl has texted people and the story is shared and liked by people and it then lands on a radio presenter who then shares it with the public as an influential member and this is able to generate more and more money for the people out there. It also shows that social media can be used to influence a story personally.

Safaricom has been brought in the picture because they happen to be the host of this revolution. This is because their provide data bundles and M-pesa for the sending money. They have shown that they want to be part of the story by being the facilitator in every single thing. They have made sure they have been able to express their position to help in each and every other way they can do this.

Safaricom is a company has been able to edge a new wave and they have done the right thing by using a story to get their name out there. they have done the right in making sure they have reasserted their position in the industry on a personal level rather than using other means.


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