#BoycottBiasedKTN: Is KTN really biased or is it justified to have a political stand?

By David Mwenda

Over the past one year, I have always emphasized on the fact that the media needs to be fair and impartial in making sure they have given the best coverage. This is something that is very important. She made sure they have done the right thing in making sure they have covered the election in the right way.

One media station has this week come under fire for being biased. KTN this week came under a lot of criticism from NASA supporters for what was dimmed as biased coverage. The venue for this massive massacre for the media house was on Twitter. The hashtag trended almost the entire day and it generated a close to 3,000 tweets with people venting on how the media house was unfair. The tweets bring into question a lot of things about media and how they cover the news.

  1. Do not expect every media house to be impartial but they should be fair

It is high time that people realize that some media houses may have some to bend the rule of impartiality. This is simply because some of their funding comes from. Standard Media has been affiliated to the Moi family which has endorsed the re-election of the Jubilee party.

However this is not to say that the media station is bought or is likely to support him. There is a lot that needs to be talked about in the way a media house is inclined. When you see a hashtag like this is then you should be worried about the media house and what their policy towards covering something as sensitive as the election in the country.

  1. What was the end game with this hashtag

When I see a hashtag such as this one then there is a course to worry. It is a highly likely that the hashtag was to shape the mind of a voter to see that the Jubilee side was trying to do everything to make sure they have won the election. Whoever started this hashtag had an end game in mind and he has been able to ace it in all the ways. They have been able to make sure they have made it something more of a sympathetic thing. No media house seems to be supporting the former Prime Minister hence they have been able to play their cards right on this one.

  1. KTN needs to rethink policy on reporting

The Standard election desk needs to rethink their strategy in coverage the election. They need to make sure they have done their research and made sure that their panels have steered clear of being too pro Jubilee or too pro NASA.

The type of questions they ask views also matters a lot during this time. They need to make sure they have done the right thing in reporting the news without seeming to have any bias. So far they have tried by unveiling a 24 hour news station that reports the news the way it is as it happens. However they need to avoid to look like they are biased.


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