How the media will be crucial to the election of Wavinya Ndeti

By David Mwenda

When Wiper Democratic Movement announced the decision that Wavinya Ndeti would be the person running for the Machakos governorship position, there was an immediate battle launched to make sure this did not happen. This is when all her problems started, first came her challenger Machakos Deputy Governor who did not move to Maendeleo Chap Chap with his Boss Alfred Mutua.

She went through the nomination process twice after the results were refused the first few times by her challenger. This road block seems to have been passed when she won both nominations. Her challenger Bernard Kiala lost twice and was exiled into political limbo. She finally won and went on to secure her candidature with the IEBC. However it seemed as if her troubles had not ended when she was barred by the IEBC to run on the pretext that she had party hopped.

This has brought the spotlight back to Wiper Candidate. Her appeal case was followed very closely by the media and they even had panels to discuss with the conversation shifting from issues in the wiper party and the victimization of Wavinya.

The media has made Wavinya an overnight sensation and her win in Machakos is highly likely to happen. She has made sure they have given her the attention she wants to consolidate her and make her into a national leader. She has been able to curve her niche because of a few reasons:

Everyone loves to support a person who seems to be oppressed

This is something every politician in Kenya wants to happen to them. it is what makes big politicians or at least gives them some traction. It happened to Joho when it looked like the government was on his neck and state machinery unleashed on him.

Wavinya did not seem to be bothered in having to borrow from this play book. She made sure she has even done it better. She took the chance to make sure she has milked every opportunity to get as much coverage as she could get. She made sure she has done all she could to get people to listen to her. One example of that was appearing on the Jeff Koinange Live where she brought both charm and wit to the show.

She made sure she has been able to outline her projects and what she hopes to achieve in the long run. She was able to make sure she has a human touch by talking about the loss of her brother and husband. This interview came a day after the decision by the IEBC was overturned by the high court. She made sure she has explained this predicament she has been put in by the IEBC.

The fact that Wavinya is a woman and the fact that she appears to be fought with the system in pace seems to be generating a lot of support for her. She has been described as one of the most formidable woman in the area and if she wins the gubernatorial race in Machakos.



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