I somehow pity whoever will take over from Larry on NTV’s The Trend

By David Mwenda

NTV’s Friday night show was dealt a huge blow when its host Larry Madowo announced he was leaving the show. However he maintained that he would not be leaving the media station. He mentioned this on his show on Friday after he had posted something to that effect on his social media pages.

The announcement is devastating not just to Larry and his fans but the management of the Nation Media Group. How they play their cards after his departure is very critical to his image and also to the image of the show to the people who watch the show.

The reason I say this is because the reason he is leaving the show is because every other media house has started out a late night Friday show. He does not seem to want to be competing with his “children”.

This statement seems to be generating the issue that media houses have banked on the shows ideas and thus they have been able to make the show better but they have not been able to match up to him but he is tired of competing with his “children”

The show will however need a huge budgetary readjustment. It will need a heavy rebranding in order to match up with its children. The new show will need to have something special in order to make sure they have kept their edge over other media houses. The show needs to keep the image of the parents and the other shows being the children by introducing something unique to the show.

Up to now the show has been able to keep the so-called “above the other” status by making sure they have kept Larry as different than the rest. They have not been able to bend to what people think.

The new host will also be very crucial in making sure the show is keeping afloat. The show needs a host who can be able to deliver more than Larry was delivering. I am saying more because he/ she will be having a major challenge in making sure they have done some good work on the show.

I will not say they will need to have very big toes to fit in Larry’s big shoes but they will really need to have the strength to be able to deliver an audience on the show. Judging from the people who appear on the team as the Trending Talkers (the likes of Ciru Muriuki, Anita Nderu, Cindy Ogana and comedians such as Eddie Butita and Njugush) one of these people here will be the replacement to the show. My best bet for replacement will be Ciru Muriuki.

She has a very close tie with the show having appeared on it for the last 3 years as a panelist for some of Larry’s discussions. However, it is not for me to say but we shall see how it will turn out.

The Nation Media Group needs to be ready to make the best improvements in order to keep the show afloat and they need to make sure they have grown this brand into something that will make Larry’s devoted fans to stay on and keep it locked to NTV no matter what.



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