That was brave of you, Nation, to expose Jimi Wanjigi

By David Mwenda

The Daily Nation headline of June 26 was one of the most bold I have seen in a long time. The main person being the person who has over the last four years come to the limelight yet has managed to evade media scrutiny.

Jimi Richard Wanjigi is one businessman  you never see in the public limelight. He came to the spotlight during the death of Jacob Juma one of his personal friends. Prior to that Jimmy was not known to many. Newsrooms lacked his photos and they knew nothing about him prior to that.

The headline for the nation today was one that was done after a lot of research and a lot of work was put into it to make sure they have found out even a drop of what they know about the man. How did they pull it off is something that I have tried to find out.

They were able to track how he rose through the ranks to become one of the biggest and most feared businessmen in the country. They have been able to exploit his connection between Uhuru and Ruto in the 2013. They made sure they have angled at his business exploits and what led to the fall out between him and the Jubilee Government soon as it came to power.

The Daily seems to have worked their way around the contacts behind his fallout. What was seen as once a formidable alliance between the three changed into a backstabbing match who left Wanjigi in the cold? They made sure they have even given the dates and years as to when the rift started to be noticed. In one article they explain how the battle line was drawn between the two. It was during the launch of the autobiography of Jimi’s father. The Nation was able to make sure they have dug up this piece by going back to the said night of December 9, 2013.

His family was not left out of the mix. Up to now very few people know about his family. The Nation has made sure they have given the information about his family. They have delved into finding out about his partner who is Irene Nzisa and what she does for a living. The names of his children have not been released but the school they go to was also given out. The prestigious Institute Le Rose. The school which is based in Sweden, which has been referred to as the school Of Kings and its importance really tells you that the man has spared no money in making sure his children have the best.

His role in Nasa coalition has also been questioned in the set of articles that have been expressed by the Nation. They have tried to make sure his role has been gotten. They have been able to make sure they have pointed out instances where he helped the coalition. For instance he is said he was able to make sure they have stayed together themselves. He has also made sure they have all the resources by even renting out his chopper.

Overall, Daily Nation has done the best job they could in making sure they have told us about Jimi Wanjigi. They have been able to tell the connection between the man and how he has been able to accumulate his wealth in the long run. This is the first of the many articles I have been crusading about.


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