What the public apology by DK Kwenye Beat means to the Gospel music industry

By David Mwenda

Friday night was a huge night for the gospel music industry.

Larry Madowo hosted one man who is considered very controversial to the gospel sector — and that is DK Kwenye Beat. The host who had previously come on to the show earlier in the year had a lot of controversial stances in the way he has been there.

I was so sure this interview would go down south in many ways and I was prepared to be very critical of DK and Larry for how he handles the interview. The interview was not the normal new song out interview. It had a new and fresh twist to it.

Larry did not hold back in this interview. He made sure that people have been able to tell people have the right thing in telling people the why and what made DK Kwenye Beat change into a loving man. The interview comes with a few things to the media industry.

It is high time the media now started crusading for a change in the way the gospel sector is carrying itself. They need to now start turning the heat to artistes who have commercialized gospel music in the country.  Sure the media has made sure they have grown the market into something bigger and better. However the role of the media is to make sure that the gospel sector is also now delivering on its promises.

They have been able to grow some of the brands that have a big name on themselves. People such as Willy Paul and Size 8 and other artistes can attribute their growth to the media. The rate at which they have grown can be attributed to the media. No matter what they have done they have been able to make sure they have done the right thing. However the media has not questioned their ways which seem to be causing a bit of problems to conservative Christians and the church at large.

It is high time the media set the agenda for better quality music in the gospel scene. The role of the media is to set the agenda. There is need to make sure the gospel industry goes back to the status of your song can be used to sum up a sermon that a young person may not listen to.

Christian media houses need to work hard in making sure they have achieved this. Even the media houses which are secular need to make sure they have also done this. It is high time they made sure they have grown their brands into something respectable in the area.

The interview also sparked something. You do not need to conform to the Christian setting that has been perceived but stand out from the rest. Willy Paul released a song Digiri which says you do not need an award to go to heaven. He makes a valid point but his point is an alternative fact. The media needs to question the motives of Willy Paul and whether he is making a valid point or whether it is just jibber-jabber.


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