Why Larry’s Last Show on the Trend Was the Bomb


Friday was the last day Larry was appearing on his show (The Trend) and he did not disappoint. He made sure he had not spared a thing and he made sure that everyone was coming out to support his final show. A lot of the people came out to give him the support that he so deserved. He made sure they have gotten the final show they so deserved and that everyone was happy (or not) with him leaving.

The show captured everything it has been trying to get out there. He made sure he has involved all the people who are there. From the people who shaped his career to the people who he has mentored like the likes of Dr King’ori. He made sure they have all come out there and supported him.

There are many aspects in covering this show and I will try to give as many as I can. The first one is certainly the music and how the Trend has influenced music scene. The show was graced by the big names in the music sector. From Jidenna to Sauti Sol to Willy Paul to the likes of Nameless, Tokodi, Muthoni the Drummer Queen and many others the show was graced by almost everyone big in the show. The show had a very tasty effect of musicians who have come to the show a lot and have grown their brand on the show. Every single one of them had one thing to thank the man for what he has done for the music industry.

Larry has understood that the show needed to make sure that the music sector in the country and someone needs to give them this platform. The platform before that was very little and not really many people used to want to be associated with the Kenyan music.  However after he came along and made Friday night television a show to watch then people have taken some interest in listening and promoting local talent.

Larry has also influenced the media and how they package Friday night television. Friday night television has evolved from a couple of movies and that is it. However he took that around he made sure people have been able to watch their favorite musicians, artists, dancers and many others on the show. He has influenced other media shows to make sure they have also developed their content on the show. From the likes of 10 over 10, Jamsessions and Talk Central which have gotten their concepts from him, they have borrowed heavily from him and have also included something new in their show. The media has managed to borrow a leaf from Larry and what he has been doing on the show. He has also given his media counter parts a chance to express themselves. From the likes of the people like Njambi Koikai, Ciru Muriuki, Jeff Mote and Cindy Ogana they have all managed to make a name for themselves on the show and he has managed to give their careers a lie line.

Another aspect of the show that has come up on the show is the social aspect of the show. Larry has been the voice of making sure the nation is very sober and they have given justice to where it belongs. He has made sure that people do not just go off with doing the wrong thing. He has invited people of the same caliber of thinking. The likes of Muthoni Drummer Queen who are trying to make sure the nation votes soberly, Juliani who has been spreading the gospel of peace out there this election time.

The Trend has definitely become a huge tornado that has swept the country all the five years it has been on air. People have been able to appreciate Larry and what he has been able to achieve all this time. He has been able to shape the industry and whomever will be taking up after him will have a very daunting task after him.

photo credits Nairobi News 





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