Is Daily Nation in a fierce battle with Jimmi Wanjigi?


Daily Nation Front page cover today| Courtesy: nation.co.ke

The cover of today’s Daily Nation shows the picture of Kenya’s most feared businessman in the country, Jimi Wanjigi. The headline screams “Our night meeting at Kalonzo’s residence” and it did not leave anything to chance in casting a new narrative into the news cycles.

The story which recounts the how Ruto remembers the night where they met with Kalonzo and Uhuru at Kalonzo’s home and how the meeting went down. He even went ahead to refuse ever knowing the famed businessman. The piece goes on the conflicting side of the story by Kalonzo he claims that they (William and Uhuru) arrived in the company of Wanjigi in the night in question while Ruto claims that here is where they never met.

Who is lying to whom?

This is the first question that came to my mind. The media has played into another classical  “he said she said  story” . There is need for the right information to come out. This is why the media needs to dig into the night in question and find out what really happened in the night in question and who is telling who the truth.

What is Jimi’s side?

This is something else that needs to come out to the fore and that is the side of Jimi Wanjigi. Up to no journalist has tried to reach for comment or the man in question. No one has come to ask him his side of the question and why he is supporting the election of the NASA presidential candidate. No one seems to be interested in his version of events yet his picture comes out at the top of the page. They have only seemed to have given picture of the person.

It is time the Daily Nation came out and followed up so that he can give his side of the story since they seem to be interested in him and have been very keen on his dealings the man has had with the opposition side.

The media and civil society needs to make sure they have pushed for strict campaign financing laws

On NTV’s show Press Pass, Macharia Gaitho, head of the election desk at Daily Nation seems to have hit the nail on the head by claiming that no side wants to be exposed. They both wanted to be treated with kid gloves. This statement is highly true because of the backlash that has been witnessed with both teams trying to expose each other as the more corrupt one.

It is high time the media and civil society groups now try to question why the Campaign Financing Act has been suspended time and time again. Parliament has postponed the bill for another 5 years. They seem to only pass the legislation that only has their interests at heart. The civil society and the media need to question the funding and the motive behind these decisions. The media needs to help civil society in making sure their voice has been heard and they have made a change.

The Daily Nation is doing a good job trying to expose the funding of both teams. However, they need to make sure they have answered the questions that are coming out in the process of looking at campaign finding.


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