John-Allan Namu sparks deep conversations with well-planned exposé

inspekta fisi

The Inspekta Fisi banner| Courtesy, Africa Uncensored

By David Mwenda

The premiere episode of John-Allan Namu’s exposé on the rot in the matatu sector ran on Sunday evening.

This piece which will be a four-part series will seek to explain how the police have built a cartel and how they have turned the transport sector into a haven of corruption. There are a few things which I noted which I would talk about.

One of the many things I noted is the use of citizen journalism on this piece. This is something that has not been bypassed and it has grown side by side with social media. Citizens have been responsible for covering what the mainstream media has not been able to cover. Here they were able to cover the issue of the police and what they have done over the long time and what they can do to get it right.

The clips showed of police officers being given bribes and others mistreating touts and many other things that the Kenyan police officers do.

The second thing is that it is show has set the agenda. I have said time and time again that the media’s role is to set the agenda. It is high time the media gets something and they have done the right thing.

The documentary definitely did set the agenda for us to talk about: that we deserve a fair and equal nation where there is no corruption. This is something that needs to be addressed very fast and the media needs to step up with more corruption-busting pieces that seek to show there is something really wrong with the county and that there is something that needs to be done.

Namu has managed to set the agenda for this and there is need to ensure that there is something done about the matatu industry. And that needs to be done quickly in order to avoid an uphill battle that needs to be fought and very quickly.

However, by breaking it into a four-part series, there needs to be inclusion of every single person into the equation. The police and every single stakeholder needs to be questioned.

The county government should also be exposed because they seem to be included in this fiasco. And John-Allan Namu should not stop doing this.




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