Unpacking the Nairobi gubernatorial debate: here is what went down

debate- nairobi

The contenders of the race|  Courtesy of KTN News

By David Mwenda

Nairobi voters had a treat on Monday night courtesy of Joe Ageyo and KTN. The venue was Daystar Universtiy. The room was fully packed with people waiting to hear the views of the top contenders for the Nairobi governorship seat. The candidates went all out to sell their plans for Nairobi.

Here are the highlights of the debate with an analytic point of view.

Miguna’s personality


Miguna Miguna| Courtesy of standardmedia.co.ke


The first thing you would have observed about the entire debate was that Miguna seemed to be taking charge of the debate and at one point seemed to be lecturing Joe Ageyo on how to run the debate.

The show was dominated with Miguna trying to make his opponents being the bad people and they seemed to have ganged up against him with them even trying to point out that he was very interesting in making sure they have given him a share of his scandals but he seemed to have come on top every time they asked.

He seemed to have mastered the art of making his opponents look bad every single time. Joe on the other hand seemed to be helpless when they were going at each other’s throats and he could only watch as they had a go at each other. He however controlled them very ably.

Joe’s tough grip on issues made each candidate accountable of his job


joe ageyo

Joe Ageyo | Courtesy of standardmedia.co.ke

Joe Ageyo has always been tough on issues and here he made sure he had brought his A game on the debate. He made sure that each and every person had been accountable to making sure they have done the right thing. For instance he questioned Sonko about the bringing of hawkers back to the CBD. He also held Kidero accountable to his work as governor and the rise in permit charges and whether the funds they were receiving were doing anything for them.

Joe was able to keep the debate as objective as possible and he made sure that all the opponents answered his questions. He made sure they answered all his questions and he made sure they kept the time. He was able to control and tame some of them, even when they appeared to have a brawl. At some point he was able to have a grip on Miguna and he was able to control him and made sure he answered his questions and not roam around trying to pin down his rivals with insults.

Sonko and Kidero silence on the debate

If you happened to watch the debate you would have noticed that the two were very silent at some point. The two appeared to have formed an alliance and they were not willing to indulge.

They appeared to have given him time to talk about the show. The two appeared to have been beat down in the entire debate at that point and they only seemed to want to talk about their work. They only seemed to be interested in what would happen in this showdown between the two and they seemed like they would also sit down to listen to what they would say next.

The interview seemed to have been an eye-opener and a dream come true for Miguna who wanted a debate to happen so that he could talk about his opponents.


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