Why Hussein did not have a hard time nailing Ruto in his prime time interview


Hussein Mohammed Courtesy of kenyanews.co.ke

By David Mwenda

The date for the interview was not even promoted so much but it still got to trend as soon as it started. The place to be on Sunday at 9pm was Citizen TV’s Sunday Live as Hussein Mohammed got to interview the Deputy President William Ruto.

The interview was to discuss the current spate of politics and the Jubilee manifesto. The niceties were dropped and the gloves taken off for what would be one bruising interview for both Jubilee and Nasa.

The interview did not leave anything to chance and this being the second interview between Hussein and William, it was seemed to be a follow-up but the follow up of sorts.


William Ruto on Gameplan 2017|  Courtesy of nairobiwire.co.ke

The first section of the interview covered corruption allegations. Hussein did not leave any part of his questions and he went straight ahead to take the bull by the horns.

He made sure he has questioned Ruto’s relationship with Jimi Wanjigi and how they relate with each other. The common notion was that the two fell out after they disagreed on issues regarding the SGR project.

However, Ruto wanted to rewrite this narrative by claiming that he knew Jimi but had never interacted with him in any way. When Hussein pointed out the fact that he is seen as having helped them in making the Jubilee alliance, he went on to deny Jimi’s involvement in the 2013 election. He even denied coming with Wanjigi to the meeting claiming it was Kalonzo who had interviewed him.

This brought in the second part of the interview was discussing the issues that were in the jubilee manifesto and one of them being the issue of governance and accountability. The issue of governance has come out a lot of times and they have always been pummeled by the opposition for being a corrupt regime and one that has watched as public money has been stolen.

Hussein questioned whether they have been able to fight the war of corruption and whether they have been able to make sure they have done the right thing in fighting the war of corruption. Here Ruto was able to defend the issue and he claims that they have been able to fight the war on corruption.

He claims this was the only regime which has been able to fire six cabinet secretaries over the war of corruption. This round of questions seemed to be about making sure that Jubilee has done the right thing and whether they have done enough and to that I think Hussein did a good job as he was able to discredit the issue and whether they have delivered.

Another issue that came out during the interview was the issue of food security and here Hussein was able to tackle the questions that needed to be asked about the issue of Galana Kulalu and other projects and his statements over the issue of unga in the country.

His statements over making sure they have reduced the pricing of unga. They have been unable to make sure they have created a nation where there is food security. Hussein was able to capture the necessary issue here by showing that he has failed to make sure they have catered for the common man and what his needs are and that is really unga.

The interview was definitely as big win for Hussein who always tackles things head-on. He was sure to bring out not only what Jubilee has done but also what they have not delivered.


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