Why David Ndii made Anne Kiguta look bad on her own show

monday special

A poster for the Monday Special interview| Courtesy: Citizen TV

By David Mwenda

Anne Kiguta is a very good journalist. However, Monday was not her night on Monday Special. She seemed unprepared for David Ndii and it almost became a name-calling show. She has since then faced a backlash from social media, with some people wanting her to work on her interviewing skills. Here is a run-down of the blunders.

  1. Poor choice of questions

Anne had a chance to ask questions about whether the NASA government had a real alternative to issues. Issues they have been raising such as unga pricing and their views on how to deal with such an issue. However she dwelt on corruption and trying to pin down the opposition for trying to be vague in their dealing with the corruption issue.

The highlight of her poor choice of questions was when she tried to ask about David Ndii’s tweet on the show and it almost spiralled into a brawl, with her trying to make sure he admits to promoting violence and he in the end made sure he had steered clear of implicating his team with such a thing.

Her choice of handling the corruption also did not seem to be very interesting. Nasa has been hit with a lot of allegations of dealing with businessmen who have been deemed as shady. However she did not question the issue of their finance and how Nasa is affiliated with Jimi Wanjigi.

  1. The economy and how to handle public debt

Here was another area that was a little hard for her to handle. She was unable to handle the issue and in the long run it ended up being a back and forth between the two. When she asked him about how to handle the issue of debt, he gave an elaborate explanation as to how to handle the issue by stating that they can deal with handling it in stages. But Anne would hear none of it and seemed to be unimpressed with his way of answering questions and he even snapped and she snapped back telling him not be curt in his responses.

They were able to burn through some of the economy questions such as cost of living and how to handle the issue of crony economy and how Nasa would handle the issue once they have gained power. You could tell that Ndii had come prepared to deal with the matter and he did a good job elaborating the issue.

  1. More could have been have done on National cohesion

This was another issue Anne failed to tackle well in her job. She could have brought the question of land injustices and she could have asked how they plan on handling this matter. Nasa leader Raila Odinga has been accused of promoting ethnic tension through his statements in Kajiado.

Nasa has run on the promise of solving these injustices but then again it seems as if it is just a dream. Anne did not dig into this, probably because she thought he did not have a grasp on politics and yet he seemed to have had a good grasp of it.

In short, do not underestimate someone who comes to your show.


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