How Kalekye Mumo has managed to shape up Thursday night television


Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central show (courtesy of @KalekyeMumo Twitter handle)

When Kalekye Mumo announced that she would be leaving Radio Africa I was very disappointed. She was doing great in the morning show with her counterpart Shaffie Weru. However she went on to take up another role as Talk Central host taking over from Eric Njoka who was the first host of the show .

Her take over on the show proved to bring a lot of changes to the show. She was able to bring in a new audience which was able to listen to her and give insights to the many people who have come to the show. The show has grown from the being just another talk show into a show where artists have launched songs and people had conversations that move  and best of all a place where people laugh and have a pre weekend party.

There are many things that make the show tick. One of the things that make the show is the guests who come over to the show. This week the person who came to the show was comedian Njugush. They talked about his job on The Real Househelps of Kawangware and why he quit his job. His move from the show was a big blow to it and it caused a huge problem.

Kalekye is a good conversationalist and in this interview she did not miss a beat. She has that friendly look that can make you tell anything even your deepest darkest secret even if you are not careful. She was able to make sure that Njugush has been able to talk about his wife and how they have been able to stay together for a long time together. His wedding was also part of the topic in the interview and they were able to talk about. You could be able to tell that Njugush was happy being a husband.

Another part of the show that has grown in the show is the TC Gang. When the show began I complained that the show was taking up the Trends outlook. However they have been able to make sure the show has a different outlook from the trend by trying to stick to one gang without changing it a lot. The gang has managed to gain a funny and witty outlook and they have managed to be witty and they can be able to laugh and give their take on serious matters which come out of the show.

The shows take on fashion is also something to watch. The gang has been able to make sure they have done a good job in discussing the fashion trends that have been coming up especially with men. They have even given women fashion a better stand. From rompers to other forms of dressing men have been able to make sure they have given their funny and even interesting outlook as to how they have won the outfit.

Talk central has truly changed Thursday night  and has grown from just being a show to the biggest show around. People can now wait for the weekend in good fashion. Kalekye has been able to make sure her show to a must watch on Thursday night and a thirsty audience for the show has been treated properly.


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