If Njambi Koikai was being tested, she passed with flying colours


Njambi talking to MC Njagi

By David Mwenda

Last week, the Trend with Larry Madowo ended. The show will now have guest hosts until after the elections. The first guest host for the show was Njambi Koikai and she was able to give the show some life and she ensured it kept going even after Larry left.

From the beginning of the show, you could tell that she was prepared and she was willing to do the programme some good service. She however did not change anything on the show. From the way the Trending Talkers was handled by Larry to the guests she kept the show format.

Quick reactions from online users revealed that Njambi can be the right replacement to the show. I somehow agree with the viewers. Njambi brings in something different to the show and she is able to make sure the conversation is sober and she is able to make sure that she has kept her people on the show.

Unlike Larry who had a happy go lucky attitude on the show. Njambi had a serious demeanor on the show and she seems to be the one who was churning out the jokes instead of her guests alone on the show. I am not saying that Njambi is no fun but she has what it takes to be an all rounder on the show.

Take for example her interview with Size 8 and Alemba. She was able to make sure she has kept the interview both fun and informative. It fun in the sense that she was able to make fun of Alemba and his return to Kenya and why he had taken long to come back to the country.

The interview played objectivity when they started talking about the music industry. The interview which was a platform for Size 8 to launch her three songs which she intends to put in her album to be released in the next year. They also talked about Alemba being back in the country and what he thought of the current show.

You can also tell that Njambi has an eye for talent. She was able to bring people who have diverse talents. From interviewing MC Njagi who has been having interesting song and his latest song Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite which is quite humorous she was able to balance the equation of gospel musicians and secular artistes. However she could work on making sure the show has a broader outlook with people of different talents coming to the show.

Overall we can say that Njambi is a performer and this time she was able to do this on the show. However she still has a long way to go in making sure that she has fit into Larry’s shoes. She has been able to make sure that people are able to learn something new. However it is high time that the guest hosts try to change the ball game. They need to work with the teams and try and give something unique on the show.


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