Here is what to expect for the deputies’ presidential debate

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A brainstorming session before the running mates’ debate. (Courtesy of Linus Kaikai tweet)

By David Mwenda

It is exactly 2.50 pm as I am writing this article. However, this is not the time I am eagerly waiting for. The anticipated time I am eagerly waiting to come is 5:30 pm for the running mates’ debate. One thing is for sure: it is going to be one of the most heated debates in the country and a lot is going to be at stake for the running mates attendance.

Media reports do confirm there will be a debate and it will be broken into two. This was after there were concerns over the debate not happening at all. However what should you expect from this debate. What are the main underlying issues that will be taken to account in this debate. Here is a preanalysis on how the debate will be going.

The moderators for this running mate debates are already chosen and they are Citizen TV’s Fred Indimuli and KTN’s Sophia Wanuna and Hussein Mohammed of Citizen TV and KTN’s  Yvonne Okwara.  The moderators are well thought out and they make up of a good composition of the much more established journalists in our country as of now.

Each of these moderators has something they bring to the table. For example Hussein is quite tough when it comes to handling the tough issues and has well thought out questions.  Fred Indimuli’s vast experience in the media speaks for itself having handled Radio Africa’s news division in a long time. He also has very interesting debates on Power Breakfast which makes him viable for this job. Sophia Wanuna is absolutely also very good at her job and she has been able to rise through the ranks and cement her position as a very good journalist in the country. having hosted Morning Express and then moving on to Prime time news and other shows you can be able to see that debates media limited has been able to choose the best journalists in the country.

The issues to be handled are also of keen interest in this debate. The debate is set to handle all sides of policy and politics. From Governance to the economy and social development, all these areas are set to be handled at the 90 minutes debate.

On the issue of governance there will be the question of leadership and integrity, national cohesion and devolution.  On the issue of the economy will be the issues of land and land use, cost of living, trade, economic growth and natural resources.  Finally social development will cover Education, Health and the issue of youth and women in the country.

A few questions that I would like to be addressed will be the issue of the land comments made by NASA leader Raila Odinga and how the NASA coalition is set to handle the issue of land. Also of note to handle for the NASA side will be the issue of corruption and how they plan on handling this vice once they get into office.

On the side of Jubilee there will be a lot of things to handle such as the issue of corruption, the job creation programs they are coming up with and how they plan on handling the issue. Also the issue of infrastructure and how they plan on making sure we have repaid the SGR debt and how it is supposed to paid.

For both sides the issue of value for Education is also very important. It is important to make sure they have outlined how to handle the new curriculum and whether their plans for improved education are also included in their plans for free education.

I am looking forward to 5:30 pm when this debate will start and whether the issues will be handled.


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