The media and how they have handled Eliud Muthiora Kariara


Eliud Muthiora Kariara

I am not done with analyzing the debates and the blitz that have followed with it. One man has stood out from the entire fray of running mates who have come to the debate. Eliud Muthiora Kariara has stood out for being the candidate who did not feel like it was a bad thing.

The almost 60 minutes interview brought to the fore a lot of things the likelihood of a Kavinga administration would cause to Kenyans. The interview which ranged from the economy, corruption, the experience of both in public sector and how they can be able to handle the economy.

The media is still focusing on both candidates and why they did not take part in the debate. This was also the main focus when the analysts for the debate come up to discuss once the so called “debate” ended.

panelist debate

panelists as they discussed the “debate”

I will say this once and I know some of you might agree Muthiora Kariara is a political genius who is meant to be given the job. However the media will not be able to make this a three horse race even after his sterling performance on the debate.

The media would have analyzed his comments instead of spinning his story as that of the good guy who shows up to save the day when everyone fails to come to the party.  For instance here are some of the highlights of what he could have looked into in his statement.

  1. The slashing of VAT and introduction of sales tax of 4%

In his outlining of his economic policy he stated he would abolish the VAT tax and in place put in sales tax which would be 4% instead of the current 16% percent. This massive reduction of taxes should surely elicit some questioning by the media and analysts. It is definitely something economists need to question and make sure they have the clear issues that will come up if such a massive drop on taxes is taken in.

  1. Dealing with corruption there and there

The debate also covered the thorny issue of corruption and he seemed to have a good plan on how to handle it. The two major parties/ alliances have only given one solution to solve corruption and that is to make sure they have strengthened institutions but they have not given a solution on how to deal with the people found to be indulging in corruption.

Kariara however seems to have had a different way to handle corruption. This includes making sure the ministers appointed have resigned and making sure the people have resigned and try to get more stringent rules on how to handle corruption in the country. However this was not even discussed by the panel there or by any media house which decided to analyze his statement and what they thought about his policies on corruption.

The media has been given a different type of person one who is different from the fray but they have chosen to stick to the people they are used to and castigating them. however they have decided to deal with the two main teams which do not have any good alternative.


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