Interesting quotes from Cheche panel that speak about the Kenyan media


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I have tried to work on this article from different angles but still it is not working. Wednesday morning saw Citizen TV host Macharia Gaitho on their show and trust me he did not disappoint and he made sure he has brought his “A” game to the show and he aced it. So here are some of his comments and why I somehow agree with him on some of the things he and his fellow panelists said.

Macharia Gaitho

Macharia Gaitho – Nation Media Group Columnist ( courtesy of Citizen TV Kenya Twitter page )

1.If you vote along tribal lines then you are stupid- Macharia Gaitho

This is one thing you have to agree on if you are thinking on the right line. Tribalism is something that is causing to the country a lot of good leadership. However it is what determines the leadership in the country. Most of the time however it is what determines our leaders.

This is seen through the campaign period and how leaders from different alliances in the run up to the election. This has even gone down to tribes going against each other with the Imenti and Tigania going at each other in the Meru Gubernatorial race. This has also been witnessed in the Uasin Gishu race withGovernor Mandago trying to threaten non Nandi residents against voting for Buzeki in the heated gubernatorial race.

The media has been very silent about this and have not tried to question the role of the NCIC and how they plan on dealing with this issue of tribalism in these areas. The media needs to try and step up their job and make sure they have tried to evade the tribal narrative and push for a change in perspective.

2. Peace will come from a free, fair, transparent and credible general election-Macharia Gaitho 

The message of peace has been preached from every front that we know of. Just this week the private sector in conjunction with Mkenya Daima and other government institutions came out at a press conference where they tried to make sure their message that peace has been heard.

The message of peace can be spread by virtually everyone who understands everything can be done by anyone but that message has received a backlash from supporters who view this as a way to muzzle people in case the election seems sham. Take for example Julie Gichuru was criticized by online users for spreading the message of a peaceful general election.

The message of peace needs to be spread yes but the message of a transparent and credible election needs to be spread also. The IEBC needs to go out and make sure that the process needs to be free and fair in the long run. for an election to be very free and fair and there is a lot that needs to be done to make sure they have instilled confidence in the systems and all stake holders if they want a free and fair elections.

3. The media wants to be objective but there is influence of money- Charles Odhiambo

I have seen how the media has handled this election and it is not so satisfactory. They have tried to make sure they have given an objective election. However there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

The media has been reduced to brown envelope journalism where journalists are used by people in the higher food chain. This has even seen journalists such as Walter Menya to be arrested and put in jail for such allegations. This habit needs to be curbed before it spreads and becomes a culture. The media needs to make sure they have promoted objectivity in their work.


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