Tendereza Live: Do they offer a good alternative for Friday night television?

DJ Sadiq and DJ Gigo – shows hosts for Tendereza Live courtesy of Dj Sadiq (TWITTER handle)

Friday night has become one of the most sought-after space by the media. Every media house now has a show that they have tried to remake after Larry Madowo’s The Trend and Joey Muthengi’s and Willis Raburu’s 10 Over 10.

One show that has joined the pack this year is KTN’s Tendereza Live which seeks to offer a different perspective on how to handle the show. He show which has a very interesting twist to it. The show whose concept is based on a more religious role rather than just being a happy go lucky show.

The show which is hosted by Kenya’s finest DJs, Dj Sadiq who comes in with a huge role of making sure they have gotten a huge role of making sure they have a piece of the cake of Friday night television. However does he meet the match? Will he be able to get people with the gospel? I sought to find these by analyzing his show and how it works.

The concept of gospel music is in itself a new twist and offers a different perspective to the show.  Most Friday news shows are usually based on secular gospel shows and how they plan on handling the show. The show has a very interesting twist to it and they have been able to make sure the show has something interesting to it.

The show organisers have been trying to do a slightly different thing such as introducing a religion twist to it and having very interesting conversations. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to sell this narrative but still they have taken a huge leap and tried to account for the people who feel left out of the show.

More music less talk

The show is also centered on a more music less talk outlook. Most Friday night shows only highlight the artistes who are coming with new songs but however do not highlight more music from Kenya without having them to the show.

KTN has been able to give Kenyan and international music a chance for exposure by trying to give each genre is accounted for. For example they have been able to make sure they have a full reggae set. They have tried to make sure that even traditional and regional songs are also in the mix.

Changing the conversation on Friday

For some time I have tried to make sure that shows have tried to give a long time. Tendereza Live has been able to come through with a different wave of conversation. They have been able to make sure they have developed a show that has a lot of proper content that can be able to drive the show in a positive way.

They have been able to influence the way people with the whole trying to spread the message of the gospel. Given a chance they will be able to change the state of how they will be handling the show.


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