Raila’s defining moment as he gets a stage and 90 Minutes of free coverage


Cover of the daily nation today as the media made him the star of the moment (courtesy of Daily Nation Website)

At exactly 8:30 the second edition of the debate kicked off. It was the highly anticipated face off between the president and the opposition leader of the country. The forum which was to explore both their manifestos and what they have said over the last few weeks.

However the debate ended up being a one man show with Raila Odinga being the center of attention for the entire time. He definitely made a good step as he showed that he can be able to be held to account for everything he has promised and if he thinks he can be able to deliver on his job. The debate was moderated by Linus Kaikai and Joe Ageyo.

Its Linus not Joe

This was the light moment of the show as Raila confused between Joe and Linus. He called Linus Joe for the better half of the debate. Linus seemed to have had enough of it and told him in a light hearted manner that he was Linus and even tried to justify his vision due to the light. He was however able to bounce back by justifying his lack of seeing properly due to the torture in while detention. He was able to make it a plus on himself it was able to resonate with the audience.

Corruption and “Magufulifying” things

The issue of corruption was tackled on both debates but in this debate it went a little but deeper with Linus trying to make sure they have gotten all the information about some of the scandals he has been mentioned in.

For instance he went to ask about his role in the maize scandal. They went into detail with the specifics and the role played by his Chief Of Staff and his permanent secretaries. They went into detail as to why his chief of staff signed the approval for the NCPB to order for maize in the country.

His ways forward in handling corruption if he wins were also questioned. This is where he came up with the term Magufulify and he explained that he would not allow any government officer would be allowed to do any business with government and that he would strengthen the independent offices that have been created.

The land question

The debate would not have gone on without the moderators not raising this issue. If they have not raised this issue they would have not done any service to the Kenyan people. Joe went on to question his statements in Kajiado and what he thought about the entire fiasco that came out of it.

They pressed the issue of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission and the implementation of the report which they released. He is very decisive and tried to make sure that the issue that has been bugging him and is one of the things that he plans on implementing once he becomes president.

The election

The election was also a major issue and they wanted to know why NASA has been on the case of the IEBC from the beginning. They have been moving to court every step of the way and challenging the way the election has been handled.  He was able to make it a point of being able to give a good plan and why he thought he needed to do so. It is now settled that he will accept defeat if the process is free, fair and credible.

Uhuru lost the opportunity to reply to all this and he would have been able to defend his stint as President and why he thought he would be able to make sure they have given all the information about his government but he lost the chance of a life time. This has led to the canonization of Raila as a statesman who has been able to do his job very well and he aced the entire debate even though you cannot call it a debate.



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