The 5:30 debate: a major move forward for Debates Media Limited

The long awaited debate finally happened. After a week of anticipation as to whether presidential candidates will attend the show and finally Monday came and the presidential candidates showed up to the show and they have done the unthinkable. The debate which ran from 5:30 and ended at around 7 had a lot of issues covered.

Though the debate did not feature all the presidential candidates however it was a step forward to the organizers. The show which featured Micheal Wainaina, Dr. Kavinga Kaluyu and Dr. Ekuru Aukot and it was named the “dons debate” as all of them featured here have doctorate degrees. Here are some of the highlights of the debate moderated by Yvonne Okwara.


When corruption is made a campaign issue we expect an answer instead of making it all about we will do this and we will do that. The debate covered this issue with Yvonne Okwara even playing a statement that has been used to summarize the way the president views the issue and even relayed one of the sound bites from the Governance and Accountability forum at State House.

Each of the presidential candidates did not have something different to offer the audience that was watching. The wow factor was probably the way Professor Wainaina who used the analogy of “mnatafuta mbuzi na wale walikula” this meaning you are looking for a goat with someone who ate it.

However beyond these sound bites there was nothing so much to write home about how they would handle the issue of corruption. Yvonne would have drilled a little on the how to deal with corruption and even when she tried she however got a little bit of information on how to deal with it.  The issue seems to be a major campaign issue but no one is coming with a tangible solution to it.


Being a “don debate” Yvonne hit really hard when it came to handling this issue. She went out at Michael who owns a private school but wants all public and state officers to take their children to public school. She tackled the issue of free education and the quality of it. She finally questioned the literacy levels in the country which seems to have sky rocketed in public school.

She mentioned about the new school curriculum which needs to be tackled and yet no one has been able to make sure they have done this. She would have however focused more on this issue and try to make sure they have done something interesting and whether they would continue with the program roll out or they would have stopped it and rethought the whole program.

The show also focused on a raft of other issues such as wildlife and conservation which came as a question from one of the members of the audience. The audience which was properly coordinated and was objective and they represented the captain of industries and political analysts.

The debate was definitely a must watch for the people who wanted to know what these people represented and whether they offered a real alternative to the two “horses” in the race. Overall Yvonne was able to show she is good at her job and was able to perform well in the debate.

*photo credits- Citizen TV Twitter page


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