The sad let down the election is causing to the economy

econ of polls

Daily Nation Cover showing the effects of the election on polls (courtesy of Daily Nation website)

The headline of today’s Daily Nation paper read “Terrible toll of polls” and went on to explain how the economy is suffering under the watch of the media and there is nothing that is being questioned. The story which highlighted the problems that have slowed down the economy and what is happening there.

From the shutting down of businesses, investors holding on cash and foreign firms have decided to grant some of their staff leave before the election and come back a week after the election. The piece also does not hold back on the issue of some businesses not using the Kenyan port and making use of the Tanzanian one in order to make sure their assets are protected.

This can be a move that could have been caused by the media coverage of the election. First of all there is a lot of pressure and there has been a lot of pressure placed on the election. The election which has been called a two horse race has been given a lot of importance and hence a lot of things have been covered including the rising tension.

I am not saying it is the fault of the media to make sure they have not covered this. However there is a way they can be able to make sure they have reported this but not granting a lot of importance. For instance they can focus on the tension but also they need to make sure they have not blown things over proportion.

Thought Nation Media has been bold enough to show that the election has affected the election there is little toward the making sure there is any restoration of confidence in investors. For instance the story did not reach out to Brand Kenya Chairman and what steps they are taking to make sure that they have charmed the investors who are planning on leaving the economy.

The media has also not asked the Treasury Department what steps they are taking in order to make sure the economy does not slow down more than it is now. The signs of a slowdown in the economy could have been predicted a long time ago. However there is little that has been done by the government to make sure they have given investors a good feeling to stay in the country.

The media needs also to make sure they have employed enough personnel so that they can be able to cover the election in all angles and not just the political aspect of it. There is more to just looking at the preparedness of the IEBC and making the political rhetoric to be heard and making sure their policies are being heard.

The various election desks commissioned to make sure election stories are verified need to make sure they have worked together with the business desks so that they do not look at the policies along but they need to give a chance to asses other stories that have caused problems to the election.


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