Two formidable women met on one stage and it was wonderful

Julie Gichuru

Interview Poster courtesy of Kalekye Interview (courtesy of Kalekye Mumo Twitter handle)

By David Mwenda

K24’s Talk Central has moved to 10 pm. I was a bit confused when I did not catch the show at 8 pm. However the show still maintains its pre-recorded status and it is not a big changed at all.

The guest for the show was Media personality and business lady, Julie Gichuru. I must say it is weird to see your favorite media personality being interviewed when you only see them interview world leaders. Julie has been a very interesting person to watch from her work at Capital FM in the early 2000’s to right now when she is not on the screen but is moderating on world forums and other discussions.

One thing that stood out of the interview was the ability of Kalekye to make sure that she has connected with Julie on an emotional level. For instance I got to learn more about her miscarriage and how she lost her child. This is something I have always known but I have never been able to hear her talk about the issue and how it really affected her and this I have to congratulate Kalekye for us to be able to give us this side of Julie.


Julie during the interview (courtesy of  Kalekye Mumo’s Twitter handle)

Kalekye also did not hold back on her marriage and the rumours that have been spreading that the husband had battered her.  This is where people got to see the other side of Julie — being tough as she went out to talk about how her husband has never laid a finger on her and how they love and respect each other. The surprising part being that she has never thought of another man for the last 18 years she has been married to Anthony Gichuru.

However, this was not the only thing that she talked about. Kalekye went deeper to talk about her role in M-Cheza and what she thinks of betting business in the country. Her controversial stance that you need to control everything you do and that includes betting. It is not a must for you to go out and make sure that you have placed bets on each game and gaming sites in the country.

This is something though I do not totally agree with because myself I don’t believe in betting and whatever you are betting on. There is a moral line I always like drawing to it every time that people bring it up. My line being that the money you haven’t worked for does not stay with you for long and you might end up losing it. One statement I believed is that we are growing a self righteous population which tries to hide behind the fact that we are a population that tends to hide behind religion and our African beliefs.

The other aspect of the interview that caught my eye is that her work as a moderator for different interview. They have done the right thing and she has been able to lead discussions in different settings in the world and she has been able to change the perspective of women being able to change her perspective of women.

However Kalekye could have worked in asking about her work in a peaceful process. Julie Gichuru has been pressured and insulted for promoting peace. Kalekye could have asked whether she has political inclinations to Jubilee. This is one thing that people should really question about her and this being the recent thing she has done.



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