KTN rebrands again with a proper election desk for the election season


KTN’s election headquarters (photo credit  Yusuf Ibrahim on Twitter)

It is finally home stretch and every media house is trying to make sure they have delivered the news as it is coming up and as it is being brought to the table. A station that has already started the dissection of news as it comes regarding the election is KTN. They had already started with Kivumbi 2017 which even saw the return of Joe Ageyo to the screens for better performance.

The show which started off as a Monday night show has now been moved to a daily show with the rebranding of the studio to fit each and every person on the show. The show has been able to grasp both the online and the street audience with each waiting for the Kivumbi 2017 caravan to reach their home county with their street balloting machines and giving the people casting the ballot to reach each and every person who has been there has given their opinion on the show.

The show got a new breath of life as they kicked off seven day coverage of the election and this time on a longer hour basis. The show which has “wall to wall coverage” will feature political discussions, online discussions and street discussions which will feature the ordinary man and how they view the election and the sentiments they have towards the election.

The show was hosted by Yvonne Okwara, Ben Kitili, Joy Doreen Biira and Joe Ageyo for its premier 9 o’ clock show. All of them seem to have had a grasp of their topics and seemed to be able to make sure the show has been able to have a god vibe to it.

The show has been able to make sure they have done all they can to make sure they have done a good job in giving the news in real time update. However the whole concept seems a bit borrowed from Citizen’s 2013 Monday Special which had a lot of political discussions and was meant to represent every person on the show. However the idea is not completely a knock off as there are there other things that have been added such as more online participation.

The show has been able to put into perspective the issues that matter and also a brief discussion on the election processes that are there. For instance Joe Ageyo held a discussion on the recent death of Chris Musando and what his death means or the electoral commission and whether there is cause for alarm just 6 days to a general election.

The other issue that was discussed in the way the election ballot papers claims and what they thought of Ekuru Aukot’s claims of rigging by the printing of more ballot papers instead of the standard 1% more papers. They have been able to make sure they explain their position on whether they can be able to be trusted with the remainder of the ballots or not.

Overall the show has some interesting to it but it is going to last for only 6 days which is a very short period. This amount of investment should have been put up a few months before the election. This is the first thing they should have done after setting up an elections desk. This would have allowed better coverage of the election if they wanted to.



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