The death of Chris Msando;what we know so far and what needs to be found out


IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando photo (courtesy of Standard Media website)

On Sunday at around 5 pm I checked my Twitter handle since I had not checked it since morning. The first shocking piece of news I got is that the ICT manager at IEBC is missing. Fast forward to Monday afternoon the missing person case had been concluded and it did not conclude in a friendly way. The ICT Manager, the Late Chris Msando had been found dead in Kikuyu alongside a woman.

The death came as a shocker and it came at a time when so many things had happened in one weekend. The death has been one of the major rounds and the media has been able to ace the story and they have been very fast to do the rounds. The hype has been so felt and they have been able to balance all sides of the story.

The facts so far

The facts so far have been tried to be established. The media has been able to keep the trail alive. For instance they have been able to trace that he sent a text at 3:16 and that it was about work in the morning. His car which was found in TRM was the second thing that was identified. When his body was found the news broke out immediately.

His trail before death was also established and they were able to make sure they have done a good job in making sure they have found the trail before his death. For instance they could pin point the place he was and who he was and how they ended up together.

Why would someone want Msando dead?

The media has been very quick to establish this as an assassination. This can be due to the information they have collected on the body. For instance the Daily Nation had described the marks that he had on his neck which may point out to strangulation, his broken forearm and many other things may point out to his death.

The fact point out to the possible murder but who would want him dead and why? This is the take home assignment for the media. They need to make sure they have also tried to unearth what went wrong and why they are calling this a murder case. Is there any information that could have been leaked regarding the KIEMS system? This are the questions that might need to be sought after even after the elections have been done.

There have been a lot of things that need to be done in making sure that justice has been granted towards the Msando family. There a lot of information that needs to be given and the media can be part of the process in making sure this information has been passed on.

The police and their role

The police should be brought into this equation and they need to explain whether they granted him any form of protection when he lodged a complaint about his life being questioned and how they plan on handling this issue. The police and other security agencies also need to be able to speedy up the investigations  so that they can give us the information on his possible murder.


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