NMG’s CEO Joe Muganda sheds ‘Magufuli’ tag in election spending

By Our Team

Joe Muganda is not known for throwing cash around. His shave-to-the-bone austerity measures made him earn the ‘Magufuli’ nickname as he introduced many changes as soon as he took charge of the Nation Media Group.

But it now appears Muganda is not that stingy. If what Nation journalists say is anything to go by, the  deep-voiced man approved a heavy budget for NMG’s spending during coverage of the general election.

Journalists who have not been used to stipends from East Africa’s largest media house were pleasantly surprised on Thursday when money chimed into their accounts. Almost everyone who will cover the polls got a good sum covering each day they will be involved.

And NTV viewers must have noticed new large studio screens and many reporters sent across the country, not to mention revitalised studios.

At a meeting with staff on Thursday, Muganda reportedly informed staff that he had allowed almost everything proposed in the election coverage budget to pass.

NTV, according to the company’s half-year results, reaped quite a good sum of money and it appears Muganda is in a mission to make the impressive NTV cash inflow attract more.

With the news carried in the Saturday Nation that the company had sent 300 journalists to cover every corner of Kenya, one can say NMG will spend top dollar in managing the process.

Credible sources say each of those reporters will be issued with a laptop with which they will send raw data to Nation Centre where it will be tallied.

Managers are judged by how they deliver on big assignments and it appears Muganda does not want to be remembered as the head of a media house that became a laughing stock when history was being made.

Judging by the recently expanded content and live broadcasts by numerous NTV staff, it will be safe to conclude that NMG’s game plan in covering the polls is tight.


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