Politicians have kept quiet but the media still has a role over the election period

My job has been pretty tough the last couple of months. Covering an election is not as easy as anyone lies to you. Media Critic has tried to analyze some of the facts that have been presented to us by the mainstream media and the alternative media outlets have been bringing to the table.

Though I have been very hard on the media for sometimes lacking objectivity in their interviews or in the coverage they have tried to give this election proper coverage. However their job is not ended it is just starting and it is going to be a very long road for them for the next few days.  However here are the few things they should be very keen on.

  1. The media can make or break a country

It is very important for the media to make sure they have been able to keep the electorate calm and not in a tension mood. The media should now be able to make sure they have been able to craft their own messaging around the credibility on the election and making sure that the electorate focuses on the elections board and any development that may come up.

The media needs to be able to now focus on the peace narrative and make sure they have given a more frequent spin to it. They should make sure that the country remains very calm and collected all through the election process. This way they will have contributed to the election process.

  1. Keep an eye on the IEBC

Though I have insisted on the election being a peaceful process the media needs to be very keen on a credible process. From the onslaught I have been at the ore front of making sure the election coverage has been superb. The media should be ready to make sure they have given IEBC all eyes and ears as they are the ones who are running this process. They should even set up a press corp. at Bomas of Kenya in order for the communications team to be able to give regular and frequent press briefings. In order to be keep people informed on every person who is there.

The IEBC seems ready to make sure this process is very credible and the media needs to give a more special coverage to the IEBC I have complained about IEBC having a poor communication strategy and this needs to end hence they need to give a more permanent structure of being able to face the media every time.

  1. Be on the ground

The media needs to be on the ground and be able to see how the process is being carried out in the ground. Many media houses have gone out to make sure they have reporters in every county and even gone to the extent of going to every constituency on the ground in order for proper coverage of the ground and what is happening there. There is a lot that needs to be done other than just going to Bomas which will be transmitting the results there.

  1. Whoever wins the media has the responsibility the media works with them

The media should be prepared for the eventuality of a win either by Raila or by Uhuru. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to resettle the electorate from one of the most charged campaigns the country has seen since 2007. This is why the media should be very fast at looking at how transition will be done. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make sure that they have helped the winner of the election has settled and has unified the country.


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