What media stations are doing to keep you at the edge of your seats

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The media has been at working round the clock in order to make sure they have provided the coverage in the election. All media stations have invested a lot of money in order to make sure they have delivered the best overage compared to their competitors. Here is a detailed analysis of the election and how they are working to keep you edged to your seats.

Deployment of reporters

Every media house has added to their battalion of reporters in order for them to cover the election properly. The work given to this people is to make sure they have given more special coverage of the election.

For example Nation Media Group has managed to send out more than 300 reporters to different parts of the country in order to make sure the election is covered from every angle. They even managed to get Macharia Gaitho to head the election desk after he left the station last year to become an independent journalist.

On TV, stations are deploying their reporters to different places that are considered places to watch during this election season. These include areas such as the Uasin Gishu, Busia, Bomet, Busia and other areas which are considered very strong competition areas.

Some of the reporters have been camping on both sides in trying to cover the election. For instance Duncan Khaemba, KTN has been covering the election on the side of NASA and what they have been doing. His counterpart Steven Letoo, Citizen TV has also been busy with the NASA campaign. On the side of Jubilee Jackie Maribe, Citizen TV has been busy covering the Jubilee campaign this time.

Election centers and “headquarters”

Media houses have turned their studios into election “headquarters”. Countries have done their work in order to make sure they have done their job in order to make sure they have done their job in a proper and fair manner. These studios have been able to make sure they have given more space to the analysts and the guests coming to the show.

KTN was the first to establish an election headquarters and re-branding their studio so that they can suit the election agenda. NTV has also branded their studios to make sure they have gotten every single person into the mix. They have even set up studios in both Eldoret and Kisumu so as to cover every single part of the area. This has brought in more people to be news anchors to the show. for instance some are covering the day to day news while others are covering social media and others having conversations in order to make sure they have given their detailed analysis.

Media stations have not been left out in questioning the agendas. For this they have been able to come up with the shows to do this. NTV has set up shows like NTV Today and Sidebar, Citizen TV has also set up Citizen Extra and KTN setting up Round Table and other shows. All this shows have tried to make sure they have questioned all the parties and the election stakeholders at breath.

Overall the media has tried to get all their energies into making sure that they have kept the KENYAN electorate have been kept informed. This will keep them more informed and be able to make their decisions more properly.



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