George Soros: Enemy of state or Friend of democracy?


George Soros (courtesy of NY Times)

His name is whispered in hush tones when it comes to election seasons in any country. The George Soros ghost has come to haunt the country’s election system as it did last year in the US. The election has been very interesting and last week this thriller movie we have been watching took a different twist to it.

The National NGO Board took to freezing Rosemary Odinga’s  NGO for being not yet registered but most of all because they received 500 Million worth of funding from George Soros. This sent the media in frenzy as they have been trying to discredit or dig up more on the NASA campaign funders. From hit pieces on Jimi Wanjigi and other NGO’s associated with the NASA presidential candidate and his counterparts.

In one hand it looks like a noble cause but on the other hand it looks very fishy. It is very interesting the media has not hyped this story a few days to the elections. They have not given a lot of thought into covering the involvement of George Soros in this year’s election.

Some facts need to be demystified as they give the information. For instance the media needs to explain whether his foundation in Africa, the Open Society Funds has been involved in giving or funding any campaign in the Kenyan election. Why is the government so involved in trying to make sure that he does not have any interest in the election?  Is there any interest groups which are being funded by Soros apart from the African Center for Open Governance?

This are some of the media should have covered instead of profiling him as a person who seems like the villain in a thriller novel. The media should have tried to find out some of these facts before going out to carry out this story and whether they can be able to bring the answers. They need to be able to make sure that everyone has provided some of these answers.

Why his donation is considered dangerous?

The media should be able to give some of these facts and explain why his involvement in a country is considered dangerous. Since his involvement in funding of pro democracy groups and funding political parties governments have found him to be a very meddlesome person. For instance he has been sued for being “motivated by malice” in the US for his “possible involvement” in the US election.

He has faced hostility in many countries which do not agree with his idea of funding pro- democracy groups. The media has also not been fair to Soros as his motives seem to be clear as day but yet they keep on questioning why he has interest in promoting democracy and yet he is rich.

The media should have dug deeper in making sure they have given out more information about him and what he stands for. This should have been done in order to make sure they have given him more information on his motives and what he stands for in general. This would have been more useful in determining whether he is an enemy of state or just a sucker for democracy.


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