The international media and their special coverage Kenyan election: CNN version of events

The Kenyan election has drawn a huge audience, from ourselves as Kenyans to the entire world. This is characterized by the messages that have been put out by world leaders such as Obama, Guterres and other like minded leaders in the world.

The international media has also been at the fore front of covering the election and they have tried to make sure they have kept the world up to date on what us going on in the country. So today we look at the international media and what they are saying about the election.

Media critic decided to take a look at CNN and the BBC Websites and their reports.


CNN has had a very bold approach towards this election. The main headline on their website being the “Battle of Dynasties” this is the not the first time that the Odingas and the Kenyattas are meeting on the ballot in a duel. However it will be a defining moment for both of them as they are trying to keep their careers in active politics.

The CNN has been able to capture the family wrangles but they have not shown how the results are going to affect the careers of these two gentlemen. One trying to make sure he does not go down as just the opposition leader who never led and the other trying to make sure he is not a one term president.

They have also tried to elaborate on the process that will determine the winner of the poll. They have explained the winner will need 50% plus one vote nationally and 25% in at least 24 counties. They have also been able to highlight the glitches in the country and what they have been doing in the area.

They have also been able to look at the role of the youth in this year’s election and what they have been doing in order to make sure they have done in order for them to make sure they have done. The youth count as a huge chunk of the people who will be voting in the country. This is something that the youth need to realize and speak with their massive voice.

Another thing CNN has been able to look at the use of choppers in the country for campaign period. The story of “James Bonds” in the country was also expounded on. However they would have looked at other aspects such as the big budgets being created by the two campaign machinery in the country. The two teams have used a lot of money as they have been investing in strategy and communications in order to get out there and get more and more votes.

The promises by the politicians have been expounded in their pieces for today. They have expounded on Uhuru’s promises and what he promises Kenyans. From jobs to economic stability and many other things he promises to do in case he wins. They have been able to look at the promises made by Odinga such as fighting corruption, creating jobs and a program that will be able to end food security.



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