Linus Kaikai’s post-election analysis was by far the most interesting thing to watch


Linus Kaikai’s panel as they analysed the Kenyan election.  [Courtesy of Linus Kaikai’s Twitter handle]

Yesterday was an interesting day for Kenyans as they finally got to know who the true winner of the general election was. However many Kenyans had not reported to work in order to hear what Wafula Chebukati had to say and who he would ultimately pronounce the winner of the General Election.

Linus Kaikai was one of the people who were not easy to ignore when 6 PM came as he held an interesting discussion with Kenyans all over the country. He was able to dissect the whole election in a discussion that I dimmed very productive. The discussion was able to bring together people of different years of experience in the country and vast areas of profession.

The grammar of election

This was the first issue he put into perspective and he caught my attention here because I have never heard of an election having grammar, but that is beside the point he was able to explain his position. The elections in Kenya always have certain terminologies such as “rigging” “voter bribery” and many others.

He was able to ask someone who had experienced a loss in this year’s election and that was, Governor Ken Lusaka who lost his seat to Wangamati of Ford Kenya. This is something that Kenyans and Africans need to work on. Every time we have tried to make sure that elections are free and fair but at the end of each election there are people who still cry foul and that their “victory” has been stolen from them. Though some of these claims are always proven some of them end up being a mystery that will never be known to the common mwananchi.

What Uhuru could have told the country?

This is something that people could have discussed and given their conclusion toward its. Linus was able to know the points that might unite the country. Uhuru at that time should have played as the symbol of national unity.

The different panelists gave their opinions and one that stood out is that of unifying the country. The media needed to be sensitive in the message they would be sending out to people who are out there. It is important because if they sent out the wrong message out there then the country would have gone into chaos. This is something that I should have mentioned in my Monday post as I gave advice to the media and what they should do in preparation for the election.

What actions does Uhuru need to take now that he is elected?

The next five years will be crucial to the legacy of the president. He will now be able to complete the projects he has started and introduce new ones if there are any. The entire five years will be his legacy and he has the chance to make or break the country.

The country needs to be able to see what he will be able to do after a medially performed first time he should be able to deliver in the next few years. He has been able to show he can drive a development agenda but will he be able to charge on with the momentum he has shown.

Overall the discussion was interesting; Linus’ detailed analysis of the election is what sets him apart from his fellow colleagues in the country. He was able to detail his questions and be able to control his panel in a good way.


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