Breaking down media coverage of the election: The numbers and the IEBC

MCKKenyans went to the ballot when August the 8TH   came. People cast their ballots after waiting in line the whole day. Soon after came the results and Kenyans returned back to work. This was the most hotly contested elections in 10 years because there was a lot of high stakes to it. Uhuru trying to keep his second term and Raila trying to make the best of what would be his last chance in active politics.

The media was not left out in preparing the stage for this. Media houses did everything humanly possible to make sure they have given “wall to wall coverage” of the election. Some even approved large budgets to make sure they have kept the audience glued to their screens over the entire electioneering period.

The numbers

Most media houses tried to debunk the issues of numbers. From the issue of covering the campaigns and the numbers they are likely to bring to the table. The issue of tribal politics also came to play under this topic.

For instance they kept watch when opponents when to the others strong holds. The messaging they used in order to make sure they have gotten a listening ear in each and every stronghold. The messages to the people in their strongholds and that they should turn up in large numbers so that people can vote.

Swing counties were not left out in these discussions. Analysts tried to look at this swing areas and tried to debunk the way they thought they would handle the issue. They tried to make sure they have analyzed both sides and seen what they entail.

Ethnic numbers played a huge amount of conversations as analysts tried to look at the numbers in every way possible. From the tribal inclinations of the various alliances and how they are likely to vote. They also looked at the issue of possible threats to the leaders in 2022. From the likes of Alfred Mutua in Ukambani to Jackson Mandago in Rift Valley they looked at how these leaders posed a threat to the people who are considered tribal kingpins in the area.

  1. The IEBC

The IEBC was not left out by the media and their reporting. The media tried to look at some of the issues that were affecting the IEBC. They have been able to make sure they have covered everything they were doing.

These things included the picking of the IEBC commissioners and their job generally. The tussles between Jubilee and the opposition then under the banner of CORD in the manual back up woes and how it was solved.

On the electioneering process they looked at the registered voters and its audit. They were even able to give them pressure so that they can be able to make sure they have done everything possible in order to make sure they have made the IEBC more transparent. From making sure they have printed the voter register to making them explain how they have arrived at Al Ghurair as the printing firm as the firm to print the ballot papers.

The death of Chris Msando also came as a huge media buzz as media houses tried to look into his death and what they were going to do in order to make sure they have found answers into his death. They covered the story from every angle but at the same time trying to make sure they have shown some respect for him.

The media tried to make sure they have done everything in order to make sure they have done everything in order to make sure they covered the election in the right way. There are many other things that need to be looked into in the next article.


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