From Harvey Weinstein to Nick Mutuma here is how the media has influenced the sexual assault stories

The rate of sexual assault cases have become a huge problem the world over. The media has been at the heart of each and every story and has been at the moment made this a national and international thing and has brought out with a side that people do not want to talk about a lot.

meyn kelly

Megyn Kelly interviewing women from Silicon Valley Companies affected by sexual assault stories (courtesy of NBS News Website )

Megyn Kelly interview with women who have been sexually abused

The interview was the first time women from Silicon Valley came out to talk about the issue. This came in the wake of sexual assault story given by Susan Fowler who wrote a blog post detailing how she suffered sexual assault at the hands of  her direct supervisor at Uber. Megyn Kelly’s interview proved to be an eye opener of the tech companies and their policies towards sexual misconduct and assault.

Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick Uber (CEO courtesy of forbes.com)

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns

Travis Kalanick was the first person to be hit with the wave of pressure with how they handled sexual assault stories. The New York Times in one of its articles on the company claimed that Susan Fowler’s account is another sign of the struggle with women’s issue and diversity in a male dominated engineering field.

The resignation of Travis Kalanick can be attributed to the media trying to spin the story of a leader who has been unable to contain fires going on in the company. This led to resignations and removals of other leaders and huge shake up at Uber.


Harvey Weinstein Has been accused by at least 40 women of sexual harassment (courtesy of variety.com)

Harvey Weinstein

Barely a few months after the dust settling down on the Uber story, a rot in  Hollywood  was exposed with Arabella Sciorra coming with allegations of famed Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein abusing her. Though at first Harvey kept quiet at the allegations many came out to affirm the story. This led to his ouster from Motion Pictures board and being left alone and his image tainted.

nick mutuma-mpasho

Nick Mutuma courtesy of (www.mpasho.co.ke)

Nick Mutuma  

Kenya has not been spared of these allegations. Nick Mutuma on November 9th faced a lot of criticism after a story broke out of his alleged assault of woman during the Ameru Festival. Screenshots have come up of conversations in a group where someone alleges to have seen Nick Mutuma forcing himself on a woman. A different screenshot of a man who claims to be the boyfriend of the same girl came out with a series of tweets. Nick Mutuma quickly responded saying he has been truly distressed by the story.

Gender issue

The media has highlighted the problems and have made sure that they have accommodated different people who came with the story and have been able to see that a problem is out there and there is need to have a discussion about sexual harassment and misconduct.  There is need to make sure they have now involved in making sure they have given briefs on how the investigations are going on instead of stopping when someone has resigned.

This has led to be a lot of questions being raised about the policies in both Hollywood and not Silicon Valley. The media has been very sensational about it and have been keen to expose the nitty gritty details. However a few things have come up. For instance it has been very questionable that some women are coming up with these issues years after they have passed. It sounds insensitive because it is a really sad thing that women cannot be able to come out to talk about bosses who cannot keep their hands to themselves.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in making sure there is a proper conversation about sexual harassment and stakeholders need to come out with programs for companies and quick responses when complaints are filed.


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