So what next for The Trend?


The Trend poster for its major announcement

By Tonny Brian The Trend has been a very fascinating and lively show to watch since Larry Madowo took over from James Smart.

The show experienced a magical transformation from a political show to a lively news magazine show. Not all shows in the country have been able to achieve such status as the Trend with it being labeled the highest earning show in country.


Larry Madowo deciding to leave The Trend was a shock to most who loved him and a happy moment to those who chose not to view this show as they considered it a waste of time.


With his challenges most of us would have given up, and sure some did. We can’t always blame people for just seeing the bad part of something rather than the sides that can make our nation grow.


The Trend has been an example to many until people decided to duplicate and begin their versions of The Trend. However this was one of the main reasons for Larry leaving The Trend. A lot of shows came up at Friday night trying to imitate The Trend and he felt like he cannot compete with his “children”.


The million dollar question still remains how the new host to The Trend will be able to stack up the competition. We would all agree that The Trend was not just built by Madowo alone. There was a team behind him that might or will produce the next person to run the show.


The Trend is a good example of what young people can achieve together when it comes to media influence and its growth. The young generation has untapped energies that when brought together can make a difference.


Anyone can take his place in the show but no one can replace him. No one can be him or run the show like him. They either do better or worse. It also remains in people’s minds as a question if the person appointed to take his place is good enough and as ambitious to grow the show as he did. We need to get this show to more than Larry as .We can’t achieve that if we add our output as the youth and support the next host.




The great part about Larry Madowo is that he had taught himself to handle the criticism from his viewers. From the countless times his outfits have been criticized to the number of times he is told that the show is just a waste of time and nonsense. He was strong on that part.


There was no fun in The Trend if people did not criticize his outfits. Will the next host stand this strong? Will it be a boring show or will it be lively than Larry? Will he make his or her years in the show count or will we begin blaming Larry for leaving the TREND an empire he built with all the passion he could master.



What to expect

It is obviously going to be a really trying time for the new host. Trying to make sure everyone has accepted her into the family. It will be an interesting thing to watch if she will be keen on making sure the program is doing well.



 Join the new host as she is unveiled live from the University Of Nairobi. It promises to be an interesting show with the likes of  Size 8, Le Band and the Kansoul taking over the air waves at both 8 and 10 pm.

additional reporting by David Mwenda


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