The Which Way Kenya Discussion: The Media Might Be Stepping Off The Fray

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I normally castigate the media for being either partial or doing a job haphazardly. However today I do not want to give a bad report about the media.

Which way Kenya discussions have heightened and a real discussion is coming up. One station that you would have been very interested in making sure the discussion is felt on the ground is Citizen TV. Anne Kiguta has been very pursuant of having a discussion that is very inclusive.  On Thursday she held a discussion with both a panel and the ordinary Kenyan on the ground. This was a follow up of the discussion she held with pundits on Monday Special.

National Dialogue

Many factions have come up to make to claim that the country needs a lot of discussion on issues. The media has been keen to question as to why there is need to have a national dialogue. The media needs to explore the notion of how to have a proper national discussion in the country. Anne was very thorough in tackling this issue.


This is something that Anne also tacked very interestingly. Here she was able to handle it from all the angles from the tribal part to the gender issue. The people in the audience were able to handle inclusivity in government from their perspective. She was able to get issues of making sure that the discussion did not center on the issue of ethnicity or tribe.

Honest discussion with Kenya

Patrick Gathara came up with this issue and he made sure that he has explained himself. Gathara hit the nail on the head and he claims that we need to rewrite the story of Kenya since independence. He was able to say that it is where our country lost it. The country needs to rewrite the way we view ourselves and how the country views itself to avoid exclusivity.


The issue of governance has been an issue that has been questioned time and time again. The issue of governance needs to be explored the media needs to make sure there is something that needs to be worked on nicely. They need to keep both National and County government. The issue of governance is something that has been able to make sure that we have understood as citizens that we have to keep our leaders accountable and not the other way around.


Morality needs to be discussed. Njoki Ngumi was able to put it that we need to elect leaders who are morally straight to avoid having a problem in the country.  It is not just about having a discussion on morality when we are talking about ladies dresses but it is something that we need to discuss when electing our leaders in the country and the world over.

The Which Way Kenya discussion needs to be put in place in order to have proper discussions. The media needs to make sure they have begun a conversation on reconciliation and recovering from the two elections we have had as of now.


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