Intrigues that led to the picking of Amina Abdi Rabar to replace Larry on The Trend

Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi Rabar the new show host on The Trend (courtesy of Amina Abdi Twitter page)

The day finally arrived and the people were let in the big secret on the new trend. Amina Abdi Rabar was the new host of the Trend. It did not come as a surprise as most of the people had already found out who it was.

Nation Media however did not have an easy time in picking the new replacement for the Trend. It took months and months of planning. The show took to looking for suitable replacements from the Trend crew and other media stations.

New beginnings

The Nation team wanted to maintain its most productive show and hence they embarked on a plan to develop a new show which would stack up to the competition. They decided on a major rebrand and let the show to be hosted by the TTTT crew. This would be able to keep the people busy guessing out for who could have been the new host for the Trend. Meanwhile they worked on a plan to come up with a late night show that would solidify the show’s position in the country having suffered a lot of competition from other night shows such as 10 over 10, Friday Briefing and Jamsessions.

Willis Raburu

One of the main people on the shortlist to replace Larry was Willis Raburu. Weeks after Larry had left the show it was rumored that Willis Raburu would be replacing Larry on the Trend. Most blogs who has been tipped on Nation’s plan had been able to know that he was possibly on the shortlist for being replaced on the Trend.  This was however countered very quickly when he took to social media to say that he is planning to stay with his employer on Citizen TV.

It was then that the Nation Media took to the drawing board and decided to look at someone else who would give the show a new touch that they were looking for. It was then that they decided to look out for other eyes of talent in the market.

Nation then decided to pick out at least a person who was able to work the crowd and have a skill to keep them on the edge of their seats. It was then that they were able to identify Amina Abdi Rabar. Her immense skill at both Mceeing and being a show host was able to catch the attention of the bosses at Nation and the team as a whole.

Her choice was quickly approved and it was then decided that the team would wait until the election season was over before announcing this major decision. It was then that the Nation decided to make sure the plan public and decided to keep the crowds in suspense and organized for a major show which would be used to welcome the new host of the Trend and that was the major show that went down on Friday and was even backed with an after party. It will be interesting to see how the show will plan out and whether Nation settled on the best choice.


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