The Long awaited journey: Celebrating a legend


Churchill (Courtesy Ghafla Kenya)

The Long awaited journey: Celebrating a legend

The show was lit for the first time there was something to celebrate about our celebrities. I mean it has been one hell of a year with this current election but it is kind of finally over. Don’t worry we will be talking about that later in a few.

However what I want to talk about is the Churchill at 40 events. It was one good event which was to celebrate the birthday of the comedy legend himself and nothing was spared in making sure the event was a success.


The background of the event was all about celebrating the years that Churchill has been in the comedy sector. The event which was put together by Laugh Industry and sponsored by media giant Nation Media Group was definitely well planned and it made Churchill’s birthday a success.

The show which started with a documentary on the formative years of the comedian and where he started and how he has been able to make and build a brand that is a force to reckon with.

He did not leave out his fellow comedians who he started out with. The likes of Walter “Nyambane” Mong’are and John KJ Kiarie came over to the show to remember the legend and give their past experiences of where he came from and what they have remembered of him.

The return of Teacher Wanjiku

This was one of the biggest comebacks by the comedian who still enjoys Kenyans support and people world over. She was able to keep the crowd in frenzy from the beginning to the end. Her return was however interrupted with a lot of sound and technical hitches. Even with the hitches you could tell that she was able to deliver and even got a standing ovation from the audience present at the show.

A Mix of the old and the new

The show incorporated all the old guard of comedy and the new kids on the block who have been brought to the limelight by Churchill. The show has been able to make sure they have been promoting talent and they have not ran out on talent to promote on any time soon since Kenyans always have something to talk about.

The likes of Jasper Murume who performed on the event and MCA tricky and others including Smart Joker, Professor Hamo, Mamito and many others who graced the show obviously but the show was not aired immediately due to time. These people owe Churchill a lot of gratitude and they did not shy away from showing it with some incorporating it into their presentations.

The show was a definite hit and it was one of the biggest shows in the country. The crew was able to put up one of the best shows I have seen in a number of years. The show was able to make sure they have incorporated all the people who have shaped both Churchill and the Churchill show and he has been able to support it from the beginning. Happy belated Birthday Churchill



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