The dangerous work of data company Cambridge Analytica


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A video recently showed what a Raila presidency would be like in 2020 if at all he would be elected. The video which showed up in July was published and it surfaced on the Real Raila website. The website which sought to exploit the emotions of Kenyans negatively towards Raila Odinga and it certainly did a good job for the Jubilee campaign.

The website did not only contain these video only but also went ahead to have other videos and posts that led to show that Raila was not fit to hold office. The website came under fire from spreading divisive propaganda to the country during the electioneering campaign.

Cambridge Analytica

The data company has not had a good run in the country. The company has been viewed as a dangerous company in the country. The company which has prided itself as a company that uses data to make sure that their clients is able to know how to use the data to persuade its targeted audience.

On its website when you read the case studies is when you understand how they use the information and how they operate. For instance they point out Donald Trump as one of its success stories point out how they got information from US citizens through calls and giving this information and spreading the information to the campaign team that they used in order to formulate their strategies in their campaign.

The situation was the same in Kenya in 2013 2017 where they gathered information on Kenyans and then came up with a rigorous campaign online in order to martial voters to vote in the election. Though this time the Jubilee Party was not candid on whether the company had been hired and keeping its operations under wraps.

The dangerous Odinga

 The dangerous posts on how a Raila Presidency would be if he was elected. The team dug up information and crafted a message showing how Raila and came up with paid advert website the real Raila which tried to make its case through blog posts and videos which depicted Odinga as a weak leader with shaky past.

For instance in a video titled Kenya 2020: Raila as president the video show that the country would be a dictatorship with it outlining a few areas such as revoking the constitution, making himself a lifelong president, a suppressed opposition, a huge rise in  corruption, no money for basic social amenities such as food water and education. Basically the video showed that the country would definitely suffer under a Raila Odinga presidency.

The video which has been disowned by data company Cambridge Analytica points out the willingness that the Jubilee Party had gone on to in order to paint Raila and his coalition members in NASA as violent and dictators who were not going to promote democracy in the country.

The election was basically marked with a lot of propaganda online and it was propagated in order to arouse the emotions on voters from both sides of the divide and it has led the country to be more divided than it was before the election.


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