The Long Tough Road Ahead: Is This Really Over?


Inauguration of President Kenyatta (courtesy of Capital FM website)

The inauguration of the President elect just happened. That means the country ushers in a second term of the Uhuru Kenyatta administration.

The ceremony now is now over but the country still remains divided and it is going to be a very rough road for the current government. This post is going to outline the role of the media as of now in these extra ordinary times.

The elections

“The elections are firmly behind us” this was a remark made by Uhuru Kenyatta in his inaugural address. This is something that is very interesting remark. The opposition does not even seem to be supporting this notion.

The media now needs to go back and question the process of how the election was done both in August 8th and on 26th election. They need to answer the questions was the election free and fair? Was there any underhand deal played? Who is to blame for the poor communication at the IEBC?  Aside from that I think it is high time they investigated and helped make the electoral Commission better and is there need for proper changes at the IEBC?

National dialogue

The media right now needs to expound on the meaning of national dialogue and not just throwing the words out there for people to use.

The dialogue needs to expound on issues such as tribal issues lack of regional balance in distribution of national resources. The country needs to be careful not to let this discussion to be on meager short term problems rather they should encompass all the problems we have had since independence it is time to have a national that is truthful and not just giving a bandage to a very deep cut that has not been cleaned.

Impartial media might be a thing of the past

It is high time the media be open about their dalliances with political parties and come out in the open about them rather than hide them. This is from the many complaints of the media not being impartial. It is high time the Kenyan media borrow a leaf from Fox News and CNN which came out to support both the Republican and Democrat parties respectively. This will be better in delivering news so that we do not have to embark on calling them “githeri” media.

Watchdog role

The media now needs to be a watchdog rather than just carrying out the live pressers by politicians. It is high time that data journalism needs to come into place. For instance it is high time they break down how 300 million that was used in the inauguration ceremony. Was the money used to ferry people to Kasarani Stadium?

The media needs now to put the role of peace and justice together. The media needs to question whether the peace we have right now as a result of the country being satisfied by the election or just a subdued nation.

It is going to be a bumpy road for the government and the opposition as they both struggle to champion different causes in the society. The media needs to be prepared for making sure they have given us proper coverage of these extra ordinary times.




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