The gender dilemma: Who is to blame?


women in the work place

Women and gender is always an emotive topic every time I have having a conversation with a friend of mine Tonny. We always end up having a battle of ideas about why women and men should be empowered but he is always insistent on making sure that we do not empower the women only but we empower the men also. It almost ends up being a subject who is better and who needs more help.

This is what might be causing the gender dilemma in the country right now and we are left wondering who needs what and who really needs to be empowered. It brings on a few questions like are we empowering the girl child at the expense of the boy child? Is the woman at the point where we want her to be when the empowerment programs began?

gender dilemma

The Nation leadership Forum Poster

The Nation Leadership Forum which will be happening on December 7th is one of the forums that will be seeking to explore this issue. However, NTV yesterday ran a precursor to the gender dilemma discussion. The discussion which was moderated by Victoria Rubadiri sought to explain what the position of the woman in the country and the economy especially is.

mama mboga

woman in the informal sector

The current position of the Kenyan woman

The Kenyan woman has been described as a person who is always in the informal sector. They have been practicing a lot of small scale farming and vending on the street. The media has been important in forming this narrative and they have been able to make it stick in the way we view women in business. It is very hard to see a woman who is being hyped for her corporate stature in the media.

The media now needs to help the woman to be able to pull the lady from middle small level business and giving them the chance to expound on their territories. I know you might ask how we are supposed to do that but the media can partner with firms that help women in financing and have more and more forums in order to have a way they can develop themselves.

Women in the corporate scene

This is another area that needs to be looked at in close range. Is the woman in the corporate sector receiving the attention they need? Is she given the voice that she deserves? Is she able to advance fast in her career as the man does?

These are some of the things that need to be questioned that need to be asked in order to avoid issues even such as sexual assault which have been on the rise  in this last three months of the year. It is high time that the media focused on making sure that the media has given a voice to the women in corporate sector and encourage a human resource revolution and be able to make sure that women and men alike are treated in an equal manner in the work place.

Women play a pivotal role in the way they shape society. It is high time that we make sure that the country is recognizing their effort in the workplace and in the economy as a whole. It is high time that they make sure that that they are encouraged for they work they do.


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