The Journey:Lessons From Betty Kyallo

betty kyalo

Betty Kyallo speaking at the Centonomy Campus Edition

It is 1:30 in the afternoon I am a bit late for the conference. The email said 1:00 and here I am 30 minutes late. I get to the conference hall a bit late I get to the Desmond Tutu Conference the watchman quickly greets me and he asks

“Are you here for the Centonomy event?”

I get spooked I am like how did you know maybe I work here and you don’t know. Maybe I am your boss. (You know those stories your lecturers normally tell you about etiquette.) Well anyway I quickly say yes and he tells me:

Teremka tu na hio barabara

I quickly thank him and move quickly to the area he told me. So normally I laugh at people who tell me they cannot read directions. Well this was one of those days I actually did miss the place I was going to and move to the wrong building.

It was one of those days I really did not know where my head was luckily an usher came to my rescue fast. I don’t get to ask her name but she’s pretty well “prettyish” if that is even a word to use. I quickly get to the hall and it is half full and I am happy well for two reasons really one I had not missed Betty Kyallo beginning her speech and I was not the most late person so yeeiy.

I quickly find a seat and sit next to a person like you can easily talk to I say quickly say hi and we exchange pleasantries. We sit until around 2:30 when the event begins. So I will not bore you with more details about the beginning part of the event which was Betty Kyalo speaking.

So she decides to speak about her journey and how she has got to where she is now and I was shocked listening to her side of the story as she talked about her professional life and how she has been able to make it in life. So here are a few things I picked from the talk.

How she got her job at KTN

She talks about how she used a mock news show to pitch to the biggest news outlets in the country. She actually did this with a camera borrowed from the department at her university and her friends who were also pitching for a job at Standard Media Group. So she sent her application and she was accepted and she started out as an intern.

Betty decided that she did not want to just stay as an intern at the job and she was able to pitch an idea to her boss Katua Nzile about an auto and cars show. She was given a slot on the Morning show Sunrise Live. Her show performed so well that management decided to move her to Sunday Evening.

Guest Anchor is based on her own experience on a screen test

Due to the good performance on her shows she decided to approach her boss and ask for an anchoring job. Her boss after much persuasion decided to give her a chance to do a screen test.

“It was horrible, HORRIBLE,” she says

We all laugh at her the worst part everyone was called in to view the screen test and 30 seconds into the screen test Katua asked her to remove it.

She moved on to continue working and she decided to give to practice until she passed her screen test and she was given the screen test. She says this is what made her choose the Guest Anchor segment.

She did not want to do Friday Briefing

So she continued reading the news and moved on to prime time news but her boss Joe Ageyo decided she could not continue reading the news only and gave her an opportunity to work on an idea for a show. At first she was skeptical about it but her boss convinced her otherwise and she decided to try.

When she pitched the idea of a show with a guest Anchor, Joe did not agree at first but decided to give it a try. The show ended up getting the most views on a Friday night. She was actually surprised about this and she was able to bring in a lot of viewers and from then on the show has grown.

How does she handle criticism?

One person asks her

“How do you normally handle negative critism?”

Her response is pretty quick and really different

“Life is always going to be like that not everyone accepts what you do but learn to take the positive criticism and leave out the rest.”

A few more questions come from the audience and she finally ends the speech and she leaves the podium. It was definitely an interesting experience and one that was worth attending for any Saturday afternoon.



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