May the best team win!! The Trend and 10 over 10 go head to head

The war is finally back to full scale. The battle lines are definitely drawn. Two major news outlets battling for the top seat which is to be the most viewed show on Friday night television. It is a war and no one is letting their guard down.  

Each media house has deployed machinery and a lot of money into making sure that they are on top of the other. Though the war could have been easily said to be against Larry and you have to agree Larry was quite untouchable. I mean he was the man behind the show and he brought serious revenue to Nation Media group.

On seeing this Citizen put up a rival show on Friday 10 over 10. Though the show was considered a sellout it is now bringing rough competition to the once unrivalled NTV show the Trend.

Exit Larry Madowo

With the exit of Larry Madowo out of the Trend there was a serious gap and a general to wage a war against it rival needed to be picked. The team went under and after months and months of going through people who could replace Larry they decided to settle on the one and only Amina Abdi Rabar.

The choice of Amina is one that should not be taken lightly to the Dennis Pritt Road based media company Royal Media Services. Certain aspects made it easy for Amina to be picked  she has the energy the relatability and she is a journalist as well as someone who can be able to MC on the show which is very different from Larry who was a bit chilled and preferred doing more interviews and cutting back on doing many interviews on the show.

Last Friday saw Amina having interviews with Khaligraph, Xtatic, Victoria Kimani, and Nasty C who was also in the country. On the other hand Citizen does not seem to be holding back as they have set up 3 stages and had a record of almost 10 guests to the show from Akothee to Vanessa Mdee and many others who graced the show.

Advertisers also seem to observe how these shows are going and are aligning themselves. Any 21st Century battle needs a war chest and in media the war chest is set by the partnerships and the advertisers you have, the more the advertisers the more the money. Citizen’s 10 over 10 have stuck to its partner Trust with NTV having companies like Jaguar and many others supporting it.


The battle goes to 2018 and it is going to be more gruesome especially now that the electioneering period is over. both of these stations will try to up their game poach each other and heck try to get more partners who are willing to give them more money to take each other down. It will be interesting to see whether Willis Raburu and Joey will stick together or will disperse. We will be waiting to see whether Amina will be getting herself a co host or will stick to her one man show of awesomeness either way it will be interesting to see how things go.


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