Is “Toxic” Feminism killing the boy child?

Cyprian Nyakundi said no

I got this text after sharing a link of a friend of mine who had decided to share her work with me and I thought it was good.

Immediately I go through Cyprians Blog and he talks about toxic femininity and he has since gained traction for being called the savior of the boy child. In fact in one of his posts he talks about the women trying to get into the male space and using force to get into his place.

He goes on to accuse celebrities such as Adelle Onyango and Janet Mbugua of trying to make sure that the woman is portrayed as a victim to the rape culture and continue making the woman to feel strong and leaving the boy child outside in the cold. He argues that women have been unfair and want to lead once something has been put in place and glorify his work. He goes on to write that women are getting more and more leadership programmes but they have not been able to drive the companies to the big success they talk about.

The support for the girl child is immense with a lot of NGO’s doing a lot of work to help the girl child be helped in order to make sure they have given herself a platform in order to make sure they have grown stronger and stronger. Though there was need for women to get ahead they have come up now and te boy child is felt to be under pressure.

In a way the woman is benefitting from these programs it is now easier for women to level in most corprates to get a promotion at the same time with men. The road is almost near for the lady and even though some feminists will argue that this is not correct I would argue otherwise. It is still hard in places where communities are considered conservative. However this is just another issue of perception and it can be easily changed.

Level playing field

It is now time to have a playing field which is equal to both men and women. The field can start in the education sector and be able to start by giving a platform where both the man and the woman are given a chance to perform and not “mascularising” the man and tell him be man and not telling the woman to be like the man but to be the woman but competitive and be able to play the game without seeing themselves as low.

It is going be one of the most emotive topics ever and it is not going to stop any time soon. Every person needs to be given the right space to grow regardless of gender. The right conversation does not need to be about which gender needs to be given empowerment but giving the right opportunity to all genders not being chauvinistic to either of them. This will bring society  better.


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