Over 140 million given on Lions Den

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Lions Den panel (from left Kris Senanu, Wandia Gichuru, Olive Gachara and Mike Rabar)

So really it has been an interesting 2 months since the Lion’s Den season 2 premiered on KTN. The show which aired on NTV for its first month moved to its rival at Mombasa Road media outlet at KTN. The reasons remain fuzzy and it will be interesting to see where season 3 will be but well that’s for next year. However we are going to be talking a few issues about this season’s of Lion’s Den.

When the year begun I had written an article giving the NTV team an idea on how to handle the next season, however it was never selected to be published and I did not really ask why it did not but I am going to be giving you some of the things that I had written that I saw that the team worked on.


Lions Den Logo

Where are they now

I remember talking about the issue and asking whether we can know where the people whose money has been invested in have gone and how their businesses are operating. The team put together a segment “Where are they now” which they were working to make sure that at least people are benefiting from the show.

The show has been able to show that they care about the aftermath when the Lions have invested in the various proposals and businesses they have brought forward.

This idea should hold up and stay in the next seasons of Lion’s Den this will be a nice way of keeping both the investors and the show organizers on the spot for making follow ups.

They should also include businesses that have been left out but have benefited from the exposure they got from the show.

Different recordings for the show

The show on its first season had one recording with repeat outfits. However this time the show had a bit of different outfits this time. The show invested on avoidance on looking the same the whole season which would be a bit embarrassing if they continued to do the same thing.

The show should look at the possibility of having a live show that will be able to show the things a bit better. I know it will mean more commitment but it is something that can be done as a trial show. The show can actually better because they will be able to gauge the social media presence and what people think of the show per episode. I am not saying the team does not gauge their performance as of now but it will be much better.

Better economy

The show is a step away of making sure that they have brought up the investors who are also coming up. KCB has come up with a good idea but they should consider mixing up investors and having a show where other investors interested in investing in young minds also. This will also help the young bright minds which want to get into business to be encouraged and keep applying on the show.

Overall the second season of Lions Den has been one of the best shows and is an improvement to the first season which can be considered a tryout but this time they have put up a show that is on the verge of becoming a formidable force in business shows in the country.



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