Side Bar’s final show: Larry being given advice and so much more


Sidebar poster ( courtesy of Larry Madowo Twitter Handle

So Sidebar has been moved to the 10 pm slot only with its 8pm slot being allocated to a soap. I actually did not want to bother to know the name of the soap because oh well! I don’t watch soaps. Anyway that is not the point really the main issue, the main issue is  what was discussed on the show.

Larry being given free legal advice

NTV and Larry Madowo have been asked by the police to record a statement in order to help out in the investigation of Dr. David Ndii in his incitement of violence during one of his interviews. The interview which happened in August questions the speed in which the police operate, but that is a story for another day.

The panelists started by trying to make sure they have given him some legal options as to whether to attend the show and whether he needs to be ready for any eventuality. Does he have the option to answer questions or invoking journalistic privilege and protect his news source? NTV should be very keen to observe how the areas will be approached and the legal team should be ready for any eventuality.

This is a tricky issue that needs a lot of tact in approaching and the police should give reasons as to why they need a journalist to testify. NTV should also be ready with its reasons to explain why they will or will let go of their own.

MPs looking for a better pay

Don’t we all just love the way politicians and their ingenuity to earn a buck or two from Kenyans? Larry picked this issue with the MPs present at the show both Lillian Gogo and Cate Wambui from Rangwe and Laikipia respectively. The two who seem to be on agreement on this issue, the issue of salaries is one that is very emotive in these country. That is why we always have doctors, teachers and other government officers always on strike every single time.

The media should not have blown this out of proportion because there are a few areas that needed to be looked at. Why are members serving in two communities? What is the amount of allowances being paid to them? What is the condition of sittings? These were the fundamental questions that had gone missing in the Daily Nation front page report.

NASA Plans Inauguration Day and National dialogue

NASA does not seem to want to back out of its plans to swear in Raila Amollo Odinga on 12th December this year. This served as the biggest part of the year and they were able to tackle a few things that I have been having in my head.  

The show tackled the issue of what oath Raila is going to take on 12th December. What is an oath and whether or not this will be legal? The other issue is the probability of a treasonous charge against Raila if he takes the oath. It is obvious that this is a political program and Jubilee’s way of masking the election process is over is only doing so with the masking of the end of the legal processes.

National dialogue was the not left out of the table. There was a huge talk about national dialogue but there is even division as to how to hold this conversation. The media needs to be a major player in formulating the proper road map of a conversation that can be held by every single Kenyan.

The show was able to analyze the whole electioneering period and they have been to tackle a few areas in the conversation. It is going to be interesting to see how the show will go on in the next year it will be a nice show to keep watching obviously and I will be waiting how the show will keep going.


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