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When I started working for Media Critic Kenya I actually did not know how long I would take at this place. Obviously it has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever decided to work on and a few months working on it I knew that it would be a nice journey. So I am going to talk about some of the articles I worked on my thoughts on the Kenyan media and many other things in this thank you post.

First things first my thought on the Kenyan media this year, I started working at a time when the doctors strike was beginning it was actually my first assignment which was to assess the media and their reporting on the doctors and nurses strike.

The media has managed to get a way of making sure that they have covered both the angle of the doctors and keeping them in check but also the government side was also kept in check. The stroke came with a few lessons. The media will want to use pictures of patients in hospitals as a guilt trip for health workers and government but it never gets through to the underlying problems such as what ails the health sector? Who is to blame for the increased industrial action in the country? Is the current wage bill sustainable? What are these CBA’s which are never honored by the government? It is saddening to see such things unaddressed?

The elections were another issue we tried to keep in check the media with. Having joined at a time when the media was preparing to cover one of the most bruising battles in the country we also set up to make sure that we have all the stations covering this process closely in check and tried to analyze all the issues in this election. From the IEBC which was the referee of the match to the political parties and coalitions and their big statements to even the election observers.

The presidential debates were a lesson the media needed to learn so that they can plan well in 2022 and 2027 because they failed on this issue. They would have given this issue deep thought and I hope that they will not repeat the same mistakes they did in this year’s debate.

Election day was another area the media outdid themselves however. The wall to wall overage on the August 8th election was superb and though they missed the mark of a proper election they did a good job in covering the whole country in their election and ways of making sure that both the NASA and Jubilee areas are well covered. They also did a good job covering the 26th October election and questioned both processes. However they would have smelt a rat when Raila Odinga withdrew from the election and tried to make sure they have probed any cracks in the new elections.

The entertainment sector is also another area that was really awash with a lot of new things coming up. From new programs coming up such as Jamsessions with Michelle Morgan to the revamped Talk Central with Kalekye Mumo, the new programs got to compete with other programs which have already been there. The exit of Larry Madowo from the Trend also came as a shocker to many as people did not expect him to leave. The bringing in of Amina Abdi hopes to keep the show alive. 10 Over 10 marked a new year and they have been posing some competition to the already established Friday Night shows.

Overall it has been an interesting year the media and it will be interesting to see the transition from an election season to the normal season and how coverage of New Year will be like. To another year of looking at the media and their coverage of issues.



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