What to expect from the Nation Leadership Forum tonight


the Nation Leadership Forum poster

After postponing the final edition of the Nation Leadership forum for this year will be happening tonight. The discussion is going to take 3 years and is going to be covering a lot of issues. Here are a a few issues to be covered in the tonight edition of the discussion.

The topic covered

The topic to be covered in the show is going to be Kenya’s Gender Dilemma. The show is going to be exploring this issues that are being faced in the country right now. The show has in the past covered the drought situation and the elections and voters. It only came as an option that they discussed this issue which seems to be bugging the Kenyan people and it is how to handle the gender dilemma.

For one it will be interesting to see how the moderator has structured questions in this area. Will he tackle it from the political perspective only or will he also tackle it from other angles which include the corporate sector and the family set up. The issue of gender has also been seen as problematic due to the rise of feminism which is affecting the boy child.

The moderator

The debate will be moderated by the one and only Linus Kaikai. His ability to moderate or interview is never questioned. He is well respected for taking a non partisan role in politics in journalism as far as his job is concerned. He has been able to make sure that the first two forums were well debated and that the conversation is as sober as possible by avoiding having either both sides of the political divide but involving major key players  in the debate. It will be the third time he will be hosting the show and he is likely to perform very well on the show.


Panelists for tonight

The panelists

The panelists will include Joyce Laboso who is the current Governor for Bomet County. Her role in the empowerment of women has been felt in the country and she is viewed as a beacon of hope to women who would like to get into politics. Her defeating Isaac Ruto came as a surprise and it will be a good thing to hear the challenges she went through during campaigns.

Mwangi Githaiga, is another panelist gracing the show and he will be giving the economic aspect when it comes to women and financing. He is the current Managing Director at the Kenya Women’s Finance Trust. His input in the discussion will be on mostly how the journey has been for women and their quest for economic development.

Sicily Kariuki is yet another panelist on the on the forum tonight. The current Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs will be shedding some light on how government is working to achieve Gender parity without hurting any gender while doing this.

Kevin Osido the director of the County Governance Watch will be contributing to the discussion also and will begiven the input of the civil society and how he views the quest to solve the gender dilemma. The final panelist will be Debrah Mallowah who is the General Manager of the Glaxosmithkline PLC who will be giving a health view of how to solve the Gender dilemma.

The stage is set the place to be is your home if you did not get an invite. It is going to be a discussion like no other.


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