Octopizzo talks beef with Khali, religion and his Refugeenius program on Talk Central

Octopizzo and Kalekye on the show 

I do not usually play the guessing game for who is Kalekye’s guest on the show. Most of the time I just end up not even knowing who is coming up on the show, or I cannot really guess who is coming to the show. This time I guessed and I decided why not try and I was right.

The show guest was Octopizzo and he was going to be talking about a raft of issues that we have never seen him talking about. We are going to be looking at some of the things he was talking about on his show.

He never wanted to be in the music industry

He was once a courier for the G4S. He was once joined the G4S and he did not really last long on the job and he resigned. He then went to school and trained to be an electrician. He did this for a long time and he would leave his job and go to chill at WAPI which was like a rapper forum and he got into the game as a spoken word artist and he got into rap afterwards.  It took him about 5 years to have a hit record and a center stage in the music game.

His personal life is personal  

Octopizzo is very keen on keeping his personal life private. He however tracked one of the women he saw on a billboard and he dated the lady and had a kid with her. That is not the point, he is very keen on not having any rapper talking about his family on social media or in their dis tracks hence the continuous beef with Khaligraph he went all out on him and he was content to say that he did not even like him.

He does not believe in religion

This is a controversial issue that has sparked a lot of debate. Octo has been categorical on saying that he is not an atheist but he does not believe in religion and the reason is the many denominations of churches in the country and the world over. However he still believes in God and he is keen on making sure that he has separated religion and God in his life.

He actually let the August Alsina story play out on its own

The 2015 debacle of having featured August Alsina in his song brought a lot of controversy and he was never quick to answer any of this stories apart from his song Am a doer. Kalekye brought him to task about this issue and he was able to tell his side of the story which is he never said he featured August but people went out to believe he had (I will not lie I was part of this people). He actually told the August Team to tweet about the whole issue since he was not associated with the issue anyway.


The whole idea of refugeenius came to him while doing a show in Kakuma and he decided to have help out the refugees who can sing or rap. He has been keen on making sure that they got a place to record their work. He was able to release a new album called Refugeenius where he has feature some of the artists he has been working with. When you check his YouTube page you find some of the artists he has been working with.

Talk Central was really awesome and Octopizzo really went all truthful and Kalekye was able to pull out all the questions people have wanted to ask all the time.


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